Best Composite Softball Bats

Imagine this: It’s the last inning. Your team is two runs down and the whole game hangs in the balance. Your best player is up, carrying the team’s hopes. Now, what could make the difference between winning and losing? Two things – having the best player with the wrong bat or the right player with the best bat.

Having the best composite softball bat really matters. These bats help players hit more home runs and lead their team to victory. Plus, a top-quality bat lets players show their skills and play the best game they can.

In this article, I’ve picked out the Best Composite Softball Bats for 2023. I’ve looked at how long they last, how they feel, their pop, how well they perform, and how well they’re made. So, let’s get started and find the best bat for you.

Product NameBest forSizeConstruction
2023 DeMarini CF® Fastpitch Softball BatContact Hitters28”2-piece
Louisville Slugger 2022 LXTPremium Build28”3-piece
Rawlings | Mantra | Fastpitch Softball BatBeginners30”2-piece
DeMarini 2022 CF Fastpitch Softball BatBalanced Design32”2-piece
Easton | GHOST ADVANCED Fastpitch Softball BatValue for Money33”2-piece
Louisville Slugger 2022 ProvenBudget29”1-piece

6 Best Composite Softball Bats Review 2023

New models are popping up in the market every year. Manufacturers are using revolutionary innovations and improvements in the design, helping you boost your game. Read the features, benefits and drawbacks carefully to choose the right one based on your playing style.

1# 2023 DeMarini CF Fastpitch Softball Bat

DeMarini CF® (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat - 30'/20 oz

The 2023 DeMarini CF Fastpitch Softball Bat offers power-hitting with a smooth grip. It produces a bright and catchy sound upon every hit, making it different from other DeMarini Softball Bats. If you love putting pressure on the defensive team, this softball bat will let you do so.

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 28” /17 oz
  • Material: Composite
  • Sport Type: Softball
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Dimension: 35.1” X 3.1” X 2.9”

2-piece Softball Bat

This is a 2-piece softball bat. Thus, it ensures good balance. You will barely feel the sting and vibration whenever you hit the ball. Both pieces are connected using a Type-V connection, improving barrel performance and creating a responsive feel. Moreover, the Type-V connection keeps the vibration in check.

Greater Sweet Spot

The greater sweet spot is the best part of this softball ball. As a result, you will experience solid contact and home runs, something every softball player wants. So, this bat can be used by both power and contact hitters. However, the bat requires some break-in time. But you will be good to go after a few hours of swinging.

Tracer End Cap

The bat is designed with a tracer end cap, optimizing the barrel for overall potency and pop form. Moreover, it is composed of composite material, improving bat speed while maintaining powerful barrel performance.

  • Good to hear sound upon hitting
  • It offers a strong grip
  • Powerful hitting for end-loaded weight
  • Great durability
  • Handle dampens vibrations
  • Unsuitable for smaller players

Why Should You Buy It?

This bat is heaven for power hitters. A comfortable and convenient grip reduces vibrations for a strong and reliable hit. Also, the handle doesn’t cause a hand sting. Providing consistency and elite performance is a promise of this composite softball bat.

2# Louisville Slugger 2022 LXT

Louisville Slugger LXT (-10) Fastpitch Bat

If you don’t want to spend 500 bucks for a premium-quality softball bat, the Louisville Slugger 2022 LXT is for you. It performs similarly to a high-end composite bat, sounds great and has no stingers. Whoever uses this bat is impressively pleased as they didn’t experience hand vibration after switching to it.

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 28” / 17 oz
  • Sport Type: Softball
  • Material: Composite
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs.

VCX2 Vibration Connection System

Most players love the VCX2 vibration connection system. This elastomeric connection is patented, allowing more flexibility between the handle and barrel. At the same time, such a connection minimizes vibration in the hand, providing an unbeatable feel in the game.

Premium PS Pro Comfort Grip

The bat handle is covered with a premium PS Pro comfort grip. It gives players additional tack and cushion, ensuring a convenient grip. As a result, the player will have a controlled grip while improving the feel. Besides, the swing weight is accurately balanced, making it an ideal choice for all hitters.

End Cap

The bat’s end cap is perfectly matched with the Speed Composite design, maximizing the performance of the sweet spot. Also, it is designed with PBF technology, delivering a larger sweet spot. Due to the innovative technology, it creates a pleasing sound on contact. Additionally, the lower end of the barrel is fine-tuned for more pop.

  • Great sound and pop on contact
  • 3-piece construction gives maximum flexibility on the barrel and handle
  • Lightweight, well-balanced and fine-tuned
  • Zero durability issue
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Some break-in times

Why Should You Buy It?

Given the affordable price of this composite bat, this is worth the price. Durability is excellent, and overall performance is simply impressive.

3# Rawlings | Mantra | Fastpitch Softball Bat

Rawlings 2021 Mantra Fastpitch Softball Bat Series, 30 inch (-10)

Looking for the best? Put your hands on the Rawlings | Mantra | Fastpitch Softball bat. It is manufactured with almost everything to take your softball skill to the next level. The bat has some good pop and sound. Also, it definitely meets the expectations of beginners. I liked everything, from durability to performance.

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 30 inch
  • Sport Type: Softball
  • Material: Composite
  • Grip Type: Lizard Skins
  • Grip Size: Standard, 1.8 mm

Multi-Step Barrel Technology

The outer barrel is 15% thinner compared to other bats, providing an unmistakable sound, unreal pop and improved trampoline on contact.

Also, it has an innovative multi-step inner tube design for optimized performance. Moreover, it ensures weight and strength distribution throughout the barrel. As a result, you can achieve powerful and fast connections in the swing zone.

Vibration Dampening Collar

One of the satisfying features of this bat is the Mantra Collar system. The responsibility of this feature is to eliminate barrel drag, confirming vibration reduction during contact. Moreover, you will have the most comfortable and smoothest feel at the contact for the vibration-dampening collar.

Combo of Power & Control

This perfect combination of control and power is suitable for high school and college fastpitch softball players. It allows players to maintain a powerful, fast, smooth swing every time. Also, the lizard skin’s grip guarantees unmatched tack and comfort.

  • Crafted with the finest materials meticulously
  • Minimizes sting on every contact with Lizard skin grip
  • The end cap provides a superior feel too
  • Innovative barrel design boosts your performance
  • Meets and exceeds ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISF, ISA
  • Not as much durable as described

Why Should You Buy It?

This is a complete composite bat no stranger to loud-sounding. All the players who tried this bat liked the sound it produced. Nice smooth feeling on contact, lizard skin grip eliminates barrel drag and ensures precise control.

4# DeMarini 2022 CF Fastpitch Softball Bat

2022 DeMarini CF (-10) Fastpitch Bat

Not recommending the DeMarini 2022 CF Fastpitch Softball Bat is damn challenging. This brand is popular in the softball community, and they know how to make a good-quality composite bat. This DeMarini 2022 bat will be an excellent addition to every player’s arsenal. It is a feature-packed bat that comes at a reasonable price.

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 32” / 22 oz.
  • Sport Type: Softball
  • Material: Paraflex Plus Composite
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Weight: 22 oz.

Lightweight Construction

The highest-performing composite is used to build this bat. The attack performance is unmatched, and you will feel no vibration at all.  

More importantly, this bat is impressively lightweight. So, you will experience improved bat speed while maintaining significant barrel performance.

Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel

Another worth-mentioning feature is the Paraflex Plus composite barrel that boasts responsiveness and high durability. Such a structure lets the barrel swing easily while featuring a sizable sweet spot. Also, you will rarely experience vibration in the handle for the composite barrel. Moreover, it helps deliver consistent performance with every swing.

2-piece Composite Construction

2-piece composite construction appreciates a smooth feel in every hit. Such construction dampens vibrations greatly during a mishit. By absorbing the sting, this bat delivers a much smoother feeling swing, providing confidence to the player. More confidence allows a player to achieve a more aggressive swing.

  • Most responsive bat
  • Powerful and consistent barrel performance
  • Type-V connection provides a great feel
  • Lightweight composite softball bat
  • Maintain barrel integrity
  • No noticeable upgrades

Why Should You Buy It?

This bat basically has a non-existent vibration. It is equipped with an end cap, eliminating barrel drag and improving swing speed. The comfortable grip offers unmatched comfort and a tacky feel.

5# Easton | GHOST Advanced Fastpitch Softball Bat

EASTON GHOST ADVANCED -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat, 33/23, FP20GHAD10

The most promising thing I experienced with the Easton | GHOST Advanced Fastpitch Softball Bat Power Boost Soft Knob technology. This technology offers more leverage and power potential while improving comfort. Simultaneously, the grip reduces vibration significantly, giving superior comfort during the game.

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 33” / 22 oz.
  • Material: Composite
  • Sport Type: Softball
  • Weight: 23 oz.
  • Grip Material: Lizard Skin

Double Barrel Construction

The inner barrel is lighter, while the outer barrel is robust and rigid. This way, this bat creates the lowest compression in the game for the highest performance. One of the biggest benefits of the double barrel structure is the trampoline effect experienced in every hit. This bat has more flex on contact, providing a nice feel.

Launch Composite Technology

The barrel uses Launch Composite Technology, allowing this stronger barrel to create a larger sweet spot. At the same time, it pushes the limit of individual performance for more home runs. This is the highest quality composite bat offering the best performance possible.

Lizard Skin Grip

Its lizard skin grip offers added benefits like absorbing maximum shocks and vibrations when you hit the ball. The overall cushion is also impressive for ultimate comfort. Another notable benefit is that you can use the bat with great control during all types of weather.

  • Outstanding swing speed
  • Lightweight inner barrel and rigid outer barrel
  • Recommended by pro college and high school players
  • Stuff and fine construction
  • Grip reduces vibrations and shocks
  • Durability is a big question

Why Should You Buy It?

Quality bat for softball and has been a game changer since its inception in the market. Additional pop is great; you will have several “WOW” moments on the field.

6# Louisville Slugger 2022 Proven

2022 Louisville Slugger Proven (-13) Fastpitch Bat, White/Pink/Black, 29"/16 oz

If you are looking for a fastpitch bat for youth players, the Louisville Slugger 2022 Proves will meet your expectations. 100% composite construction, solid 1-piece build lets you achieve great hit upon hitting. The bat wins the heart of many pro players for its durable construction.

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 29” / 16 oz
  • Sport Type: Softball
  • Material: Composite
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs.

1-piece Design

A 1-piece design means a single piece of material is used to manufacture this bat. The worth-mentioning benefit of a 1-piece softball bat is that it doesn’t lose power and strength when it hits the ball. This bat maximizes energy transfer upon contact and drives the ball deep into the outfield. So, it is a suitable choice for power hitters.

Standard Fastpitch Grip

A good grip on the fastpitch softball bat means you can hit the ball more accurately and with power. Considering this point, the manufacturer designed it with a standard fastpitch grip. The grip ensures better control and comfort in your hand, minimizing the risk of injury.

Full Composite Barrel

The barrel diameter and length-to-weight ratio are 2 ¼” and (-13), respectively. This structure provides a sweet spot for an enhanced feel and pop. Also, the ultra-balanced swing weight makes swing easy while increasing the speed of the bat and barrel control.

  • Comfortable in the hand
  • Lightweight lets you control it easily
  • 1-piece construction gives a solid feel
  • Suitable for young players
  • 7/8” handle covered with synthetic grip
  • Needs some break-in

Why Should You Buy It?

This bat fits your hand perfectly and ensures a comfortable grip. It is easy to hold and never slips out of hand. At the same time, improved weight distribution dampens vibrations and shocks. Regarding performance and design, it is one of the best composite softball bats on the market.

Best Composite Bat for Baseball

Final Note & Top Pick

The best composite softball bats give longer sweet spots; you will never miss your shots. However, don’t assume that these bats will do magic for you. But they will surely help you scale up your playing style.

If you are unsure which one to buy, my vote goes to the Louisville Slugger 2022 LXT. The 3-piece design permits more flex between the handle and barrel. So, there is no vibration or shock upon contact with the ball. The swing weight is well-balanced, making it a good bat for every hitter type.

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