Softball Sliding Mat

Have you ever watched a softball player expertly slide into home plate, stealing a crucial run and securing a win for their team? It’s a thrilling moment that can make or break a game.

But as exciting as sliding can be, it can also be risky – without proper technique, players risk painful injuries like rug burns and twisted ankles.

That’s where softball sliding mats come in. These mats offer a safe, convenient way for players to perfect their sliding technique and reduce the risk of injury.

With a sliding mat, you can practice your slides anywhere, anytime – and gain the confidence and muscle memory you need to become a star player.

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about softball sliding mats, examining the various types available and providing useful tips for effective utilization. No matter your experience level, this guide will help you step up your sliding game and dominate the field.

Comparison of Top 3 Sliding Mats

Editor's Choice
BalanceFrom GoGym Mat
Budget Pick
ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Mat
Best Overall
BalanceFrom All-Purpose Mat
Product Title
Product Title
BalanceFrom GoGym Mat
ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Mat
BalanceFrom All-Purpose Mat
120" L x 48" W x 2" T
120" L x 48" W x 2" T
120" L x 4' W x 2" T
PVC and EPE foam
Yes, 4 panel design
Yes, 3 panel design
Yes, 4 panel design
Careful stitching process
Joints stitched for durability
Best For
Best For
Morning exercise, yoga, indoor softball sliding, etc.
Gymnastics, core workouts, wrestling, etc.
Gymnastics, yoga, stretching, exercising, etc.

What is Sliding Mat

A sliding mat is a type of flooring often used in gymnastics and cheerleading. It is a thin piece of foam or rubber placed on top of a floor surface. It provides a smooth, slippery surface for athletes to perform on.

Top 5 Picks of Sliding Mats for Softball and Baseball

Now that you know the importance of sliding mats and how to pick the right one. Therefore, you must also perceive the top 5 sliding training mats that most professional softball players prefer.

Besides, none of the products are arranged according to their features. However, all are best according to their requirements.

1. Balance From All-Purpose Mat- Best Overall

BalanceFrom BFGR-01PP All-Purpose Extra Thick High Density Anti-Tear Gymnastics Folding Exercise Aerobics Mats, 4' x 10' x 2" Purple


  • 10 Feet Long, 4 Feet Wide, 2 Inch Thick
  • Surface → Non-toxic, lead-free durable 
  • Puncture Resistant, Non-Absorbent vinyl, and Moisture Resistant
  • 4 Panel Design Foldable Mat
  • Stitched joints for more long-lasting

Start the Mat list with the 2-inch thick cushions from BalanceFrom All-Purpose Mat. But it seems to have more fanbase for its length, which is 120″ L. Dude, it’s high! Right?

Besides its long length, this Balance From All-Purpose Mat’s surface includes puncture-resistant, non-absorbent, non-toxic vinyl, making it more indestructible.

Moreover, after you complete your workout or practice sessions, you can wash the dirt off with soap and water only (maybe twice a week). It’s entirely moisture-resistant too. 

Though it comes 120″ L in length, even if you require more cushions, this mat comes with surrounding Velcros so that you can easily attach another mat. 


This mat is also 2 inches thick, focusing on comfortability and safety. The extra thick, high-density, anti-tear mat can be used both insides and outsides. Like, why would you need a mat?

To do sliding practices for your next match? If yes, then make sure you grab one of these sliding mats. Note for you: They can easily adjust in short spaces.


Apart from its features, the brand “BalanceFrom” did put effort into making its mat last longer than the others. They even stitched every joint with their best care. Moreover, the puncture-resistant material on the outer layer of the mat boosts its life potency. 

Best Suited For

Whether you’re a high-end or low-end player, you must need good practice, and sliding mats like the BalanceFrom will ensure top-notch safety in your practice.

Aside from that, it also comprises other usages like gymnastics, yoga, stretching, exercising, and many more.

  • 10 ft. long, providing ample space for various exercises and activities.
  • Connectable with additional mats for customized size and coverage.
  • Constructed with durable material for long-lasting use.
  • Easily foldable and compact, making it convenient for storage in small spaces.
  • Capable of supporting heavy weight, as long as sharp objects do not puncture it.
  • This mat is Challenging to fold and requires 2 persons.

2. BalanceFrom GoGym Mat- Editor’s Choice

BalanceFrom GoGym All-Purpose 4'x10'x2" Extra Thick High Density Anti-Tear Gymnastics Gym Folding Exercise Aerobics Mats


  • 48″ W X 120″ L X 24″ Thickness
  • Easily Washable using Soap and Water
  • 4 Panel Folding Design
  • Velcros all around 
  • Carefully done stitches through all the joints

Here goes another one from BalanceFrom GoGym All-Purpose. Indeed, BalanceFrom Mats are crucially different from the rest. For example, 2-inch High-Density EPE Foam can provide maximum precautions for beginners to professionals while they practice sliding on this Mat.

It also includes a non-toxic, puncture-resistant, and lead-free durable material to make it easy to clean and use. Besides, the 4-panel design can easily be folded and carried along when needed.

Moreover, you can include several other mats along with the BalanceFrom Mat with its surrounding velcros.

Furthermore, you can also enclose it in short spaces while it’s being folded, as it requires fewer spaces to store. Let’s see what other specs it has:


These massive thick mats are all designed for their cozy ness and safety. Therefore, questioning Comfort for such mats will be a lie! And about safety? Many sportspeople prefer these mats as their indoor sliding practice gadgets. 


BalanceFrom GoGym All-Purpose mat went through a careful stitching process so that it lasts longer and at least doesn’t tear apart.

Moreover, having sporty characteristics, this Mat is designed for intending severe rough and tough pressures. So unless you start scratching it with something sharp point, it will last as long as you keep it under well-maintenance. 

Best Suited For

Considering this Mat’s features and provided services, you can use it for daily morning exercise, yoga, stretching, wrestling practice, and many more. Besides them, if you want to practice indoor softball sliding sessions, this Mat is worth the decision.

  • Lightweight design makes it easy to move and transport.
  • Precision stitching and high-quality construction ensure durability and longevity.
  • Versatile design allows for multi-purpose usage in various exercises and activities.
  • Foldable 4-part allows for easy storage in small spaces.
  • Connectable with additional mats to create customized size and coverage for larger areas or activities.
  • The mat is susceptible to tearing if it comes into contact with sharp objects.

3. ProSource Fit Folding Training Mats- Runner Up

ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Folding Exercise Mat - Black


  • 3-Sections Folding
  • Two handles for comfortable carry
  • 24″W x 72″L x 1 1/2″ Thickness
  • EPE soft foam cushion
  • Multi-color variations

Individual Sliding Mats come with their beneficial features. However, Prosouce Fit Training Mat includes the well-fare and comfortability as its prime features.

Suppose you entail gymnastics, core workouts, or wrestling instead of not just practicing softball. In that case, Prosource Training Mats is the precise pick for you. 

Apart from that, its portability makes it easy to carry or store in a small-scale space. Besides, any athlete of any height can easily use this mat for scheduling purposes.

And the thickness provided between the layers ensures absolute safety. So let’s check out its detailed assets to make it more clear for you. 


Prosource-Fit Folding mats come with EPE Foams that are very dense and ultimately safe to use. The vinyl material on the top layer makes it smoother and easily washable.

You can widely use it in both indoor and outdoor areas. Hence, if you want a sliding mat for your practice session, even if the surface is rough, this mat will enhance your experience. 


Unless you use a sharp material on this soft cushioned mat, it will last longer than you can expect from it. But, undoubtedly, you will get at least 1 of these rewardful mats on every beginner softball player’s bucket. 

Best Suited For

Meanwhile, let’s leave its specs aside and narrow down your requirements. Do you require a sliding mat for basic sliding practices?

Or you require a mat to ensure your safety while practicing, exercising, wrestling, or whatever else. Indeed, all these purposes go along with this Prosource-Fit Folding Mat.

  • Smooth surface area.
  • Easily Washable.
  • Massive Weight bearing tendency.
  • Suitable for both boney and healthy folks.
  • Foldable Comfortability.
  • They are mostly preferred for exercising, wrestling, gymnastics, and yoga practice. Not for sports.
  • Horrific Smell of the chemicals.

4. Zeny Thick Tri-Fold Training Matt- Budget Pick

ZENY 2’’ Thick Tri-fold Folding Gym Exercise Mat Extra Thick Gymnastics MatTumbling Mat with Carrying Handles for Home Workout, Core Workouts, Stretching, MMA, Yoga (black)


  • Tri-Foldable
  • 24″(W) x 24″(L) x 6″(H) Thickness
  • Suitable for kids
  • Multipurpose Usage
  • Eco-Friendly, High-Quality, 2-Inch EPE Foam

Require more thickness? 2-Inch thick enough? If yes, then Zeny Tri-Fold Matt is the one you are asking. This mat comprehends the high-quality, eco-friendly, and durable EPE Foam that ensures the most safety for the user.

Besides that, at first glance, this mat’s non-toxic, non-slip, long-lasting feature will surely grab your “Add to Cart” button.

Zeny Thick Tri-Fold Matt is a great match for kids new to Athletes, Softball, or Baseball. Furthermore, featuring two carrying handles, this Tri-Folding Matt is very compact and easy storage in a short space. Apart from sliding practice, you can also use this mat for yoga, gymnastics, and exercise. 


The thickness of this mat itself defines how soft it is. Zeny Thick Folding matt will be comforting whenever you practice martial arts, softball sliding techniques, gymnastics, exercising, yoga, wrestling, toning, and many more. 

The PU Leather and the EPE High-Density Foam might drown you to a deep nap once you set down with your back. Yes, it is that comfortable.  


Due to durable toxin-free, sweat-free, non-absorbent PU leather materials, Zeny Tri-Fold can easily beat other ordinary mats’ durability.

Indeed, an ergonomic design matt makes the soft cushion, and its form lasts longer. Moreover, after every usage, you can smoothly watch the mat without any effort. 

Best Suited For

From men and women to every child of any age and gender can use this mat for softball sliding practices.

They can also do morning gymnastics, yoga, and exercise on this mat to warm up their day. You can pair an extra portion of this mat to tumble practice and other exercises if required.

  • Tri-Foldable Matt.
  • 2-Inch-Thick Cushions.
  • Non-absorbent, sweat-free, long-lasting PU leather materials are used.
  • Very lightweight and compact to short space while folded.
  • Can bear more than 250 lbs weight.
  • Unstable on a smoother surface.

5. GoSports Tri-Fold Exercise Mat- Great Value

GoSports 6 ft x2 ft Tri-Fold Exercise Fitness Mat - Great For Workouts, Yoga, MMA And More


  • 282″W x 282″L x 78″Thickness
  • Premium soft touch composite exterior of leather
  • It can be collapsed into 3 pieces
  • Includes carrying handles
  • 2-Inch thick matt

For the moment, we went through all the high-quality mats you can purchase for your soft sliding practices. As a matter of fact, those are all at high prices. We also require some short and compatible mats for tight-budget users. 

Stretching that thought, I found the best one on amazon within an affordable budget, which GoSports listed. GoSports never disqualify when it comes to sports.

And there you go, it looks like they consumed the Mat markets too. Yet, even considering a tight budget, they kept the size and quality of the mat intact. 

It also includes several purposes for usage, rather than just for practicing sports kinds of stuff. From morning exercises to yoga and stretching, you can do anything that requires a mat. 


Mats of such purposes are mostly comfortable, as their prior requirement is to provide safety. Therefore, comfort and safety are wisely taken care of even on smaller budgets. Besides, they are easy to set up and break down once you are done using them. 


Holding on to its features, GoSports Tri-Fold might need to be more durable, as the manufacturer didn’t mention what they used as cushions.

Apart from that, according to the users’ reviews, it looks like GoSports came to the field fully prepared. They indeed last longer than other casual everyday mats. 

Best Suited For

A sport-dedicated mat is always better for softball than everyday workout mats. Thus, GoSports came out with this supreme mat that works best in duo cases.

Not just GoSports, all the mat brands I mentioned in this article provide an equal purpose. However, GoSports Tri-Fold varies in its affordable price.

  • Affordable price.
  • Versatile usage.
  • Easy to fold and carry.
  • It Starts getting Moulded if not used for a longer-term.

Schutt Sliding Mat

The Schutt Sliding Mat is a type of sports training equipment designed to provide a safe and realistic surface for practicing softball slides, although it can be used for baseball sliding practice as well.

The mat is made from a durable, non-abrasive material that mimics the feel of a real field, allowing players to practice sliding techniques without risking injury or damaging their uniform.

The Schutt Sliding Mat is specifically designed for softball and baseball sliding and is an excellent tool for players to improve their sliding technique and speed.

The mat can be used for a variety of sliding drills, including headfirst and feet-first slides, as well as for practicing pop-up slides and sliding into bases.

For an all-purpose mat, the BalanceFrom mat can be used for yoga, Pilates, or for kids to play on. It is also great for adults to use as a mat for exercising or stretching. The mat is lightweight and easy to transport, making it a convenient option to take to the gym or a friend’s house.

Overall, the Schutt Sliding Mat is a valuable tool for softball and baseball players of all skill levels who want to improve their sliding technique and reduce the risk of injury during practice. Its durable and non-abrasive construction ensures that players can practice with confidence, honing their skills for use on the field.

Sliding Attempt on Mat 1
Sliding Attempt on Mat 2

Importance Of Sliding in Baseball or Softball

Sliding is a crucial aspect of both softball and baseball, and it can impact the outcome of a game in several ways. Here are some of the main reasons why sliding is important:

  1. Scoring runs: In softball and baseball, runners must cross the plate to score runs. Sliding can help runners beat throws to the plate, avoid tags from fielders, and ultimately score more runs for their team.
  2. Advancing on the basepaths: Sliding can also help baserunners advance to the next base more quickly and efficiently, especially when attempting to steal a base or take an extra base on a hit.
  3. Avoiding injury: Sliding can help players avoid collisions with fielders and other baserunners, reducing the risk of injury on the field.
  4. Improving timing: Proper sliding technique can help players time their slide correctly and make it easier to avoid tags or make contact with the base.
  5. Boosting confidence: Mastering sliding can boost a player’s confidence on the field, leading to better overall performance and greater control over the game.

Overall, sliding is a fundamental skill in softball and baseball that can significantly impact a player’s ability to score runs, advance on the basepaths, and stay safe on the field.

How to Choose a Good Sliding Mat?

Choosing a good sliding mat is crucial for any softball or baseball player looking to improve their sliding technique and reduce the risk of injury. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a sliding mat:


The material of the sliding mat is one of the most important factors to consider. Look for a mat made from a non-abrasive material that mimics the feel of a real field. Mats made from high-density foam or vinyl are popular options because they are durable and provide a realistic surface for sliding.


The size of the sliding mat should be considered based on your needs and the available space you have for practicing. A standard sliding mat measures 3 feet by 10 feet, but some mats can be smaller or larger depending on the manufacturer.


Consider the weight and portability of the sliding mat, especially if you plan to take it with you to games or practices. Mats that are lightweight and easy to fold or roll up are the most convenient.


Sliding mats are available at a range of price points, so it’s essential to consider your budget when choosing a mat. While a high-end sliding mat may be tempting, it’s important to find a mat that fits your budget and provides the necessary features for effective sliding practice.

Softball Sliding Position 1
Softball Sliding Position 2
Softball Sliding Position 3

How to Make a Home-made DIY Baseball Sliding Pad?

Making a homemade DIY baseball sliding pad can be a cost-effective way to improve your sliding skills without purchasing an expensive commercial pad. Here are some steps to follow:

1. Gather materials: You will need a durable and non-slippery material such as a plastic tarp or a shower curtain, foam padding, duct tape, and scissors.

2. Cut the material: Cut the plastic tarp or shower curtain to the desired size of the sliding pad. Then, cut the foam padding into the same size and shape as the tarp.

3. Tape the foam padding to the tarp: Use duct tape to attach the foam padding to the underside of the tarp or shower curtain. Ensure the padding is evenly distributed across the entire tarp surface.

4. Secure the edges: Use duct tape to fold over and secure the edges of the tarp or shower curtain to prevent any sharp edges from causing injury during use.

5. Test the pad: Try it on a soft surface, like grass or turf, to ensure it provides enough cushioning for a safe and effective slide.

Following these simple steps, you can create a customized sliding pad that fits your needs and budget.

How Do You Practice Sliding in Softball?

Practicing sliding in softball is essential for developing proper technique, building confidence, and minimizing the risk of injury. Here are some tips for practicing sliding in softball:

Start with the basics

Begin by practicing the proper technique for a basic feet-first slide. This involves running toward the base, then dropping to one knee and sliding on the outside of your leg.

Use a sliding mat

A sliding mat can provide a safe and controlled environment for practicing slides. Set up the mat on a grassy area or indoors, and practice sliding at different angles to simulate game situations.

Incorporate drills

Use drills to simulate game situations and improve your sliding skills. For example, have a coach or teammate stand at the base with a ball and practice sliding to avoid a tag. You can also practice sliding into a base while carrying a ball or glove to simulate game conditions.

Work on timing

Timing is crucial for successful sliding, so it’s important to practice the timing of your slide. Experiment with different starting points and approaches to the base, and practice reading the situation to determine when to start your slide.

Practice sliding on both sides

To be a well-rounded player, it’s important to practice sliding on both sides. This will help you be able to slide into any base from any angle.

Remember always to prioritize safety when practicing sliding in softball. Wear appropriate protective gear, such as sliding shorts, and practice in a controlled environment with adult supervision. With regular practice and proper technique, you can become a skilled and confident slider on the softball field.

How Can I Practice Sliding at Home?

One of the best ways to practice sliding at home is to set up a short course in your backyard or driveway. 

  • You can use cones or other markers to create a slalom-style system or just set up two lines of tape or chalk about 10-15 feet apart. 
  • Once your course is set up, stand at one end and start by sliding one foot forward while keeping your other foot stationary.
  • Then, switch feet and slide your other foot forward. As you get more comfortable with the movement, try picking up speed and moving from side to side as you slide down the course. 
  • If you don’t have access to a paved surface, grass can also work. Just be sure to wear shoes that won’t mark up the lawn too much.
  • You can also use a slip ‘n slide if you have one handy (make sure there’s no dirt or debris on it that could hurt you as you skate). 
  • Finally, carpeted floors can provide enough friction for sliding if all else fails. Just be careful not to damage any furniture or flooring in the process.

Safety tips:

  • Always wear appropriate safety gear, such as knee pads and elbow pads, to protect your joints from scrapes and bruises.
  • Make sure the surface you are sliding on is clean and free from any sharp objects or debris that could cause injury.
  • If you’re using a slip ‘n slide, make sure the area around it is clear of any obstacles that could cause you to trip or fall.
  • Always practice sliding under adult supervision, especially if you are a beginner or are using a new surface for the first time.

How Do You Teach a Girl to Slide in Softball?

One of the most important things a girl can do when playing softball is to learn how to slide. Keep your body as close to the ground as possible to avoid being tagged when sliding. Here are a few tips on how to teach a girl to slide:

  1. The first thing you need to do is practice. Sliding is about getting low to the ground, so find a spot where there’s room to move around and get comfortable with your movements. 
  2. Once ready to start, approach the base with your left foot leading and your right foot back. As you get closer to the ground, start dropping into a crouch position. 
  3. As you reach the base, extend your left leg and use your right hand to help push off from the ground. That will help propel yourself forward into a slide.
  4. Keep your body as low as possible when sliding by tucking in your chin and keeping your legs close together. Ensure that your bottom stays close enough to the ground so that if someone tries to tag you out, they’ll miss you.
  5. Try not to pull up too soon- let yourself glide across the dirt until you come safely into home plate or another base.

How Do I Teach My Child to Slide into Base?

Many parents want to teach their children to slide as they may want them to be sportsmen or athletes. Here are some tips on how to teach your child to slide into the base: 

  1. Start with the basics. Explain to your child what sliding is and why it’s crucial. Show them how to properly position their body for a slide (feet first, back straight, head up). 
  2. Have them practice sliding in slow motion at first. That will help them feel for the movement and do it correctly.
  3. Once the basic technique is down, gradually increase their speed. That should start with small slides and work up to longer ones. 
  4. Make sure they practice on grass and dirt surfaces to prepare them for any situation during a game.
  5. Finally, stress the importance of always using proper form when sliding – even if they’re in a hurry or trying to beat out a close play at first base. Good condition will help prevent injuries and increase their chances of safely reaching the ground before the fielder can make a tag.


Does sliding in softball hurt?

Sliding in softball can be uncomfortable and may cause some minor scrapes or bruises, but it should not be painful if performed correctly and with the proper protective gear. However, improper technique or lack of protective gear can lead to more serious injuries.

One common injury associated with sliding is “turf burn,” which is a scrape or abrasion caused by sliding on a rough surface such as artificial turf or dirt. Wearing sliding shorts or leggings can help protect against turf burn and other minor injuries.

More serious injuries can occur if a player collides with a fielder or other baserunner during a slide, or if a player’s foot or leg gets caught on the base or in the dirt. These types of injuries can include sprains, strains, fractures, and dislocations.

Is sliding required in softball?

Sliding is not always required in softball, but it is a common and important technique that can help players score runs and advance on the basepaths.

The decision to slide will depend on a variety of factors, including the situation on the field, the position of the ball, and the player’s speed and skill level.

Why don’t you slide to first base?

In softball, it is generally not recommended to slide into the first base. Sliding to first base can actually slow a player down and increase the risk of injury.

This is because sliding requires a player to slow down, make contact with the ground, and then push off again to continue running, while running through the base allows a player to maintain their speed and momentum.

Wrapping Up

A softball sliding mat is an essential piece of equipment for any softball player. It allows you to safely and effectively slide into bases without fear of injury. The mat also provides a smooth surface to practice your sliding technique.

Learning how to slide in softball and baseball can be difficult, but with the right sliding mat, you can start playing like a pro. When learning how to slide, it is essential to remember that your goal is not only to avoid getting hit by a pitched ball but also to catch the ball as quickly as possible.

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