Best Baseball & Softball Bat Grips

If you’ve ever perceived baseball, you might also know about the softball game. Softball is similar to baseball. Indeed, it’s the same game considering two teams with 10 play heads. 

Considerable variances that play key roles in softball (not in baseball) are the size of the balls, underhand pitches, and smaller in-field square space compared to Baseball games. Likewise, softball matches also scrutinize better playful experiences rather than baseball. 

In addition to the playful practices, having the right grip on the softball bats is a crucial achievement for a player. Pros say, “Better grips come with a more successful swing.” 

Therefore, every softball sports player prefers superior-quality softball bat grips to enhance their batting skills. Keeping that in mind, I researched thousands of softball players’ reviews and found 7 bat grips that will amplify your batting skills. 

But before that, you must also know a few factors related to bat grips. Don’t worry; I have also mentioned those points in this article, which you’ll find below.

Lizard Skins 1.1mm Grip1.1 mmFully Neoprene Synthetic
ALIEN PROS Bat Grip1.1 mmHighly Absorbent and Ultra Light Weight
Ballpark Elite Bat Grip1.10 mmTapered and Long Lasting Polymer
Vulcan Bat Grip1.75 mmAdvanced Polymer Grips
Lizard Skins DSP Ultra1.1 mmDurasoft Polymer
CHAMPKEY PRO 40″ Grip1.75 mmOriginal TAIWAN Polyurethane
PIKASEN Bat Grip Tape1.1 mmHigh Tensile Strenght

Detailed Review of 7 Baseball Bat Grips

Well, as you have gone through the points on how to pick the right grip for your softball bat. I presumed it would be the soundest preference if I could furnish you with bat grips that fulfil these essentials. 

Won’t you check it out? Then without further ado, let’s see what we have.

1. Lizard Skins 1.1mm Bat Grip

Lizard Skins Bat Grip, Black, 1.1mm


  • Fully Neoprene Synthetic
  • 1.1mm thick 
  • Anti-Slip off
  • Ultra-Light Weight
  • Multiple Colo Combinations

If I talk about the grip essentials, the quality comes first, right? Certainly, this Lizard Skins 1.1mm Grip deserves to beat the rank. In addition, its ultra-lightweight feature makes the grip so comfortable that you won’t desire any tiredness. 

Moreover, with a pre-cut design, it ends up with zero hassle to install. It won’t slip off your grip, even if on sweaty hands or in any wet situation. Besides, with some water and isopropyl alcohol, you can wash it pretty efficiently. 

Usage Flexibility 

As I mentioned before, this grip easily peels off without any hassle. On the other hand, this grip is pretty quick to install. It’s just a “wrap and play” or something like that. Apart from that, its cleaning method is also very adaptable. 

Why Would You Choose This?

Well, this grip is the right selection for you if you sweat a lot or get sweaty palms quickly. The ease it gives will certainly not affect your bat swings. But it will surely boost your confidence to apply your best shot without snitching off the bat from your hands.

  • No Blisters anymore
  • Doesn’t Slips off
  • Easily Washable
  • Comes with Pre-Cut Design
  • It doesn’t stick to your hand but grips well
  • Some were found with no viscosity on the back of it.

2. ALIEN PROS Bat Grip

ALIEN PROS Bat Grip Tape for Baseball (2 Grips) – 1.1 mm Precut and Pro Feel Bat Tape – Replacement for Old Baseball bat Grip – Wrap Your Bat for an Epic Home Run (2 Grips, Red)


  • 1.1mm Thick 
  • 0.04 Kilograms (Ultra-Light Weight)
  • Pre-Cut Design
  • Precise for both Wood and Aluminium Bats
  • Right Tackiness on Shock Absorption

Here comes another one on this list with a 1.1mm thickness grip. For a short hint, this grip was designed by a baseball player. Therefore, it excludes all the boredom which should not be present in grips for real. 

If we extend the necessities, installing grips on a bat sometimes makes the player paranoid right before the match. Well, ALIEN PROS surely cut it off for the players. Then, all you have to do is unpack the grip, wrap it around your bat, and seal it. Done! Isn’t it that easy?

Usage Flexibility

The flexibility and comfort will remain the same if we compare ALIEN PROS and Lizard Skins 1.1mm Grips. Indeed, the grip texture patterns may vary slightly. The lightweight material on this grip makes it smoother and firm to hold without slipping off. 

Why Would You Choose This?

Starting from juniors to experts prefer the ALIEN PROS Grips. Not because the baseball players built them, but because of their specialties, they are known players. Besides softball and baseball players, even crickets seem to use this grip.

  • The proper amount of Adhesive
  • Pre-Cut Design
  • Easy to Install
  • Lengthy in Size
  • The Brand Itself Talks
  • Don’t last longer on rough usage.
  • The Branding on the Grips loses the Aesthetics.

3. Ballpark Elite Bat Grip

Ballpark Elite Bat Grip Tape for Baseball/Softball | 1.10 MM Precut Baseball Bat Grip Replacement | Black, US Flag, Stitch & Camo Grip Tapes (Red, White, Blue)


  • 1.10mm thick
  • 39″ in length & 1 inch wide.
  • Anti-Slip 
  • Pre-Cut Design
  • Tapered with Beveled Trims

Apart from the distinct characteristics of grips, sometimes outlook plays a vital role in confidence. Hence, if you are fond of a fancy outlooking grip with all its excellent features, then Ballpark Elite should be your proud pick. 

Then again, Ballpark Elite also comes with a 1.10mm thick grip that assures sting and vibration-free grip when the ball contacts the bat. In addition, the sticky adhesives behind the grip secure the bat handle for longer. 

Usage Flexibility

Do you know when the crowd gets loud? When you hit a home run! Lol, everyone knows that. Haha! But don’t you think you need a slight confidence boost to hit that shot? This massive color and design combination Ballpark Elite Grip will do it for you. 

And talking about comfortability, the seamless fitting with its anti-slip grasp will grab your palm like you are holding some cushions. 

Why Would You Choose This?

Mostly teens and youth strikers prefer Ballpark Elite grips because of their colorful and aesthetic outlooks. Besides, the characteristics are all the same as the others I mentioned earlier. According to Google, Mookie Betts is a great fan of Ballpark Elite Grips.

  • Fancy and Vintage outlooks
  • Long-Lasting Durability
  • Seamless Fit with strong friction on the grip
  • Easy Installation
  • Colors start to fade after long usage

4. Vulcan Bat Grip

Vulcan Bat Grip, Vulcan 1.75mm Bat Grip, Red Sizzle


  • Superior Gripping Power
  • 1.75mm Thick
  • Advanced Polymer Grips
  • “Maze” Textured 
  • Blend Material

When I researched Ballpark Elite, I thought, why not; go for another one that comes with an unimaginable number of variants? Well, it looks like I bumped my head on Vulcan Bat Grips. My friend, it comes with more than 40 different patterns. 

Besides, its comfy cushion with “maze” textured on top gives it a cozy vibe while gripping it with your palm. Furthermore, it’s also compatible with both composite and alloy bats. 

Usage Flexibility

Vulcan Cushion comes with slightly thicker grips than the others on this list. Though it is not noticeable, it emanates a more suitable grip and holding ease. Whether the weather is dry or wet, this grip goes around with any environment. 

Why Would You Choose This?

Inside specs are nothing different than the other grips on this list. However, its maze-textured colorful varieties make it different and eye-catchy. Apart from these variants, I also mentioned earlier that Vulcan Grip is slightly thicker than the rest. Therefore, this is a win-win for the comfort score. Well, now I’ve got to leave it up to you to decide the right one for your requirements.

  • Eye-catchy 40+ variants
  • Affordable and Worth-it
  • Easy Installations
  • Rubber Starts to peel off even on short usage
  • Single wash might lose the Adhesive used.

5. Lizard Skins DSP Ultra

Lizard Skins DSP Ultra 1.1mm Bat Grip – Next-Gen Durasoft Polymer Baseball & Softball Bat Tape (Jet Black)


  • Game-Changing Tackiness
  • Multi-Directional Oval Pattern Ridges
  • Premium Quality Adhesive
  • Compatible with all types of Bats
  • Multiple Iconic Varients

Consider grips that are not particularly devised just for softball or baseball sticks but also for any sports bats; Lizard Skins DSP will play its role over there. Its ideal thickness rubber grip goes along with all types of bats.

The Durasoft Polymer and texture of the Lizard DSP lead to a stronger hand grip. The multi-directional mounds with an elliptic design provide the optimum performance. Furthermore, with its premium Adhesive, the grip holds the stick firmly for the long term. And that makes it durable. 

Usage Flexibility

Regarding the Oval Pattern Multi-Directional Edges, Lizard Skins DSP is quite unbeatable in the comfort score. The patented polymer enhances the hand-to-grip interface. Well, you can also nestle it and pull off the grip easily. 

Why Would You Choose This?

If we leave aside the Brand Value, Lizard Skin DSP’s features make it so invincible that you won’t regret using this at least once. Besides, it’s versatile and perfect for all bats, from wood to composite.

  • Premium Adhesive
  • Better Hand Gripping
  • Durability
  • It might strip if handled aggressively

6. CHAMPKEY PRO 40″ Bat Grip

CHAMPKEY PRO 40" Bat Grip Tapes(2 Pack) | 1.75mm Comfortable and Soft Bat Tape | Precut and Full Adhesive Back Baseball Grip Tapes


  • 1.75mm Thick Tape
  • All-Weather Control Performance
  • Advanced Textured Surface
  • Easy to Install
  • Pre-Cut Ends

Certainly, complaints started to arise that players were not getting rid of the vibrations while impacting even after using the high-quality grips. Therefore, they require some grips for their bats that can minimize the vibrations completely. 

If you are one of them too, try out this CHAMPKEY PRO 40″, which will not just deduct the vibration but also grips your hands while you hit your Home Run. Apart from that, the TAIWAN polyurethane enhances its performance during All-Weather conditions.

Usage Flexibility

What are the considerations that best pick the bat grips? According to the specifications of CHAMPKEY PRO 40″, it seems to me that this grip includes everything. Not only me, but it is also referred by more than thousands of CHAMPKEY PRO users. 

Why Would You Choose This?

Its all-weather performance, with its tackiness grips toward hands, makes it comfortable. Moreover, the hexagonal diamond texture enhances the traction and feedback while swinging. Furthermore, its pre-cut borders with complete Adhesive back make installing it effortlessly.

  • 30 Days Guarantee
  • Suitable for Multi-Sport Bats
  • Super Comfortable
  • Adhesive starts to get off quickly

7. PIKASEN Bat Grip Tape

PIKASEN Baseball Bat Grip Tapes (Color Splash Red 2 Pack)


  • Non-Slip
  • Shock-Absorbing
  • Wear-Resistant
  • Vibration Reduction
  • Concave Pattern Design

The list has eventually come to an end. But before that, I must assure you that none of these grips are arranged chronologically. Every single grip on this list features its specialties and purposes. Likewise, PIKASEN Grip Tape is special for its high tensile strength material.

Its tacky surface makes it more firm and grippy than the others. However, it tends to have all the requirements and features that a bat grip must acquire. You can apply it on all composite, alloy, and wood bats. 

Usage Flexibility

Having the famous brand value in the market, you can already judge its specialties. Yes, it is the most comfortable and high-traction grip on this list. You will face no vibration, slip-off, or tear-down while your palms are on this grip. 

Why Should You Choose This?

With the widest tape length of around 175mm, it can cover your entire bat-holding portion. And the oval pattern debossed texture will give you no pain or blisters while you use it for an extended period. Besides, it also comes with several color variants that you can choose from.

  • Meets every user’s expectation
  • Best suited for thinner bat grabbers
  • Lengthier Size
  • It doesn’t come with an extra piece to wrap the top when the tape ends
  • It certainly gets slippery when it gets wet for long

Essentials to Consider For Softball Bat Grips

Sports like softball and baseball are on the verge of the international sports list. Therefore, it also comes with proper safety maintenance and other dilemmas. Without precision, these sports might result in heart-broken. 

Maintaining that precision, a softball player’s priority also relies on their bat grips. And according to them, the key features that play a major role while choosing grips for their softball bat are mentioned below. So let’s check it out.

Grip Sizing

Only pros can enthrall the thin grips. Do you know why? Well, thin grips deliver more authenticity and a tactile feel that intends better grips for a better grip while swinging the bat.

Starting from 0.5mm, 1.1mm to 1.8mm is the essential range for grips you can have. One of the most known baseball strikers, Ken Griffey Jr, uses 0.5mm size grips.

Built-in Material

Better material brings on better durability. And when a grip includes good texture, eventually, it increases the gripping strength making it more effective. 

Therefore, preferring polyurethane grips will be a precise conclusion. Polyurethane materials make the grip much more sturdy and reduce vibrations. Besides, well-textured grips prevent the bat from slipping off your hand, even in sweaty conditions.

Baseball Bat Grips


Why do people always think that pricey bat grips are always better than affordable ones? (It is not just about the bat grips, though) Would you believe me if I said that the best bat grips come around at the most affordable price? Indeed, they are. Some bat tapes are dedicated toward the price comfort zone. 

In short, these are all the fundamentals you can pursue before considering a suitable bat grip for your performance. As a matter of fact, there is nothing else to be considered thinking of a grip, to be honest. Haha! 


What is the best bat grip thickness?

The best bat grip thickness depends on the player’s personal preference and comfort level. Some players prefer a thinner grip, which can provide a better feel for the bat and more control, while others prefer a thicker grip, which can absorb more shock and reduce the risk of bat sting.

In general, most softball bat grips range from 1.00 mm to 1.75 mm in thickness, with some thicker or thinner options available. It’s important to try out different grip thicknesses to find the one that feels the most comfortable and effective for your individual playing style.

What bat grips do MLB players use?

MLB players use a variety of bat grips, as personal preference is an important factor. Some popular types of bat grips include Lizard Skins, Pro Hitter, and Franklin Sports.

Some players may also use custom grips or wrap the handle with athletic tape to achieve their desired level of grip and comfort.

What is the proper grip for a softball bat?

The proper grip for a softball bat involves placing the fingers of both hands over the knob at the end of the handle, with the bottom hand gripping the bat firmly and the top hand providing guidance and control during the swing.

The hands should be close together but not touching, with the knuckles aligned and the palms facing each other. It’s important to maintain a relaxed grip to generate bat speed and avoid unnecessary tension or strain.

Wrapping Up

The finest grip boosts the confidence of every baseball and softball player. Accordingly, there is a wide range of grips available in the market.

As a consequence, it ends up getting hard to try out them individually. Hence, this content holds up with the best 7 softball bat grips you can consider for your next match. 

Apart from that, if you have any further queries regarding these bat grips or anything related to Softball, feel free to comment below. I’ll reach out to your right away.

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