Top 7 Best Softball Sunglasses of 2023

Softball is a well-loved game among club and college players, often seen as a stepping stone for young enthusiasts to gain experience before moving on to baseball. It involves a similar style of play, with typically 9 or 10 players on the field.

Day by day, this game is initiating itself more into the professional and international sports genre. However, individual sports involve their compatible add-ons that intend the gameplay to a fair extent.

Regarding accessories, legitimate optic gear is an essential add-on for a sportsman. Therefore, I’ve put together the 7 best softball sunglasses available in the optic gear list for a sportsman with the foremost reason for better gameplay.

Moreover, to help you make an informed decision, we’ve included a comprehensive buying guide that covers the key features and attributes to consider when choosing the best softball sunglasses for your needs.

Brief Clarification on Softball Sunglasses

When a game includes a field in its specification (such as softball), it also consists of some consequences that might cause danger for players. In that case, the eyes are the most sensitive part that requires protection. Now, this is where softball sunglasses comes along.

Besides the danger of getting bumped by flying balls, these sunglasses also protect your retinas from direct UV rays coming from the sunlight.

It will help you get a clear contrast vision while navigating the ball, even if you are looking at direct sunlight. A good pair of these sunglasses will ultimately boost your view clearance along with the safety of getting eye-injured from any obstacles.

Softball sunglasses come with a variety of features. It completely depends on you what to choose according to your necessities. Yet, we’ll find out soon how we can choose the perfect eye goggles that match our requirements. So let’s hop in.

Breaking Down The Top 7 Best Softball Sunglasses

All these protective eyepieces are conveniently arranged at affordable levies. Therefore, you don’t have to brood a bit while comprising the quality for the price.

Apart from that, these goggles are the most common and widely used eye gears by well-known baseball sports players.

So moving on, here are the 7 finest sunglasses you can consider for your softball match.

Sunglass NameProtectionGripPolarized or Not
Oakley Encoder SunglassesShatter Proof LensesPlastic Frame GripsNon-Polarized
Oakley Men’s Oo9208 Radar EvImpact Resistant & UV Protected LensesFrame Surrounded by Rubber GripsNon-Polarized
Nike Windshield EliteShatter Proof & UV Protected LensesLightweight and Surrounding Rubber CoatsNon-Polarized
Faguma Sports Polarized SunglassesUV Protection anti-glare TAC LensesMetal Coatings on the eye sidesPolarized
Franklin Sports SunglassesUV Protected, Flip-Up Mechanism LensesPolycarbonate Lightweight Metal FrameNon-Polarized
Oakley Men’s OO9213Anti-fog UV Protected Plastic LensMeets the Basilistic Fragmentation Impact standardsNon-Polarized
Oakley’s Jawbreaker SheildUV Protected Interchangeable LensThermoplastic O Matter Stress-Resistant Flexible FrameNon-Polarized

1. Oakley Encoder Sunglasses

Oakley mens Oo9471 Encoder Sunglasses, Matte Black/Prizm Black, 36 mm US

If you are into softball games, you must’ve known about Oakley from the beginning. Without fail, Oakley kept providing the stunning sports equipment and accessories every sportsperson ever needed. Oakley Encoder Sunglasses is nothing different.

Apart from the brand value, this sunglass is designed while thinking about the incredibly high quality that Oakley can provide. You can easily wear it for any purpose apart from just playing games. They even got Oakley women’s softball sunglasses too.

The shatter-proof lens covers the entire eye area with a wide range of vision. The shades increase the contrast and colors of the view scenes because of its Prizm glasses. Besides, the goggle can easily sit on the nose and around the ears. It doesn’t slip off easily.


  • Plastic Frame with surrounding rubber grip
  • Non-polarized glasses with multiple color shades
  • Plastic Lens
  • UV Protection Layer
  • 123 millimeters in the arm 

View Sense

Its high-vision optic lenses deliver patronizing Clarity from every angle without blurry signs or corners. Moreover, for the prism glasses, the details, sharpness, contrast, and color vision are enhanced. As a result, it enhances your views and gives you a stylish look.


Due to having high-defined optics and shatter-proof lenses, your eyes are completely protected from UV Light, UVC, UVA, and UVB. Furthermore, the harmful 400mm blue lights cannot penetrate these shades.


Besides its frames and comfort, this shade is lightweight and lasts longer. Being lightweight, it won’t hurt your nose or your ears. In addition, Oakley Encoder Sunglasses won’t fall off easily, and that’s a prime measure for softball players.

  • Multiple purpose usage
  • Warranty Included
  • Women can also use
  • Little bit expensive

2. Oakley Men’s Radar Ev Path Sunglasses

Oakley Men's OO9208 Radar EV Path Rectangular Sunglasses, Polished Black/Prizm Black, 38 mm

Certain brands introduce themselves to the market with their outstanding products. Oakley is one of them, who was introduced to most sportspeople for their softball sunglasses.

Meanwhile, like the Encoder, the Men’s Radar Ev sunglass is another creation that also meets the requirements. Nothing is different from the Encoder if we talk about its lightweight, rubber-material Coating and non-polarized shades.

The shape of their lenses varies from the Oakley Encoder. Apart from that, the build quality of this first-rate sunglass is top-notch. It also comes with several color combinations. And trust me, it will make it hard for you to pick one, as every combination attracts the most. What’s more, the EV Radar is slightly a bit taller than the Encoder.


  • Plastic Frame with Rubber Coating Grip
  • Non-Polarized Shades
  • UV Protection Coating
  • Prizm Lens Technology
  • Patented High Definition Optics

View Sense

Men’s Radar EV comes with prism lenses comprising clear contrast, vibrance, and sharp views. Besides, it covers the entire eye, which will not affect your vision or view angles. It also avoids getting blurry spots on the shades while the sportsman initiates to breathe heavily.


Apart from its wide range of views, the lenses are impact-proof and UV resistant. While playing softball games, it’s obvious you might get hit by the balls sometimes. The Encoder and EV Radar shades are your eyes’ safety guard. Besides, you can also navigate the balls even if it falls in the sun’s rays.


Due to having flexible plastic frames, it won’t get rusted or break off with small impacts. You can wear them as long as you want if you keep them well-maintained. Unless you start playing wrestling or WFC, it’s safe for the long term. Haha!

  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Long last, without losing its shape
  • Multipurpose Usage apart from sports
  • Avoids getting fogged
  • It holds your nose and ears nicely without falling off easily.
  • It gets scratched if being rubbed on a rough surface
  • It can’t hold the dust getting inside the frames. (No inside frame pads).

3. Nike Windshield Elite Rectangular Sunglasses

Nike Windshield Elite Rectangular Sunglasses, Obsidian, 60/13/130

The Nike Windshield Elite Sunglass is my third pick from the list of softball sunglasses. As you can see, the brand is already a well-known reputed industry; I can confront you that you won’t have any questions regarding their products. Besides, you will find people very rare who don’t know Nike.

Well, moving on with their sports sunglass, they also come with shatter-proof and UV-resistant shades. Indeed, they are large enough to cover more of your eye sides rather than just the eye. Besides, the rubber grips used at the temples and the nose area prevent the sunglasses from falling off.

Nike Windshield Elite should be on your bucket list if you need such top-notch sports goggles at an affordable price. It is what it is! It was designed to beat all the requirements along with the tight budget tendency. And that is what makes it unique from the rest.


  • Acetate
  • Non-Polarized Glasses
  • Plastic Frames with Rubber Material Grips
  • Anti-Reflective Coating prevents UV Rays
  • Ventilations Included

View Sense

How much would you possibly see while you don’t wear any goggles? Nike Elite won’t make any difference except for better color contrast and vibrance. It also has Anti-Reflective Coating, which will block the sun’s UV Rays. As a result, you can trace certain objects pretty clearly.


On the specifications, I didn’t mention that Nike Elite was built with a polycarbonate shatter-proof lens. I guess you already placed the order because you know it is polycarbonate. Haha! Kidding. Indeed, it is tough to shatter or break off even if you accidentally get hit by the ball directly.


With the 8-base frames and sports wrap, Nike gave it full protection to last longer without losing shape. In addition, the Frame has dual-injected temples and aerodynamic airflow lines, making it more lightweight and hard to have any cracks.

  • Very much affordable
  • Better airflow ventilation
  • Very lightweight to feel
  • Better grip with floatable pads
  • UVA/UVB Protection
  • The Frame doesn’t feel sturdy

4. Faguma Sports Polarized Sunglasses For Men

FAGUMA Polarized Sports Sunglasses For Men Cycling Driving Fishing 100% UV Protection

While considering all the sports features a sunglass must include, sporty looks can also boost confidence.

It is why I am including this Faguma Sports Polarized Sunglass. Besides its standing-out outlook, it also includes polarized glasses offering 100% UV protection.

It has the Frame of a regular sunglass, which is extremely lightweight with better weight balance. Apart from that, the Faguma Sports Sunglass has several color combinations. Indeed, it loads with specifications too. So let’s see its specialities.


  • Tac Polarized Lens
  • Durable
  • Ulta-Lightweight
  • Skidproof Design Temple
  • Multipurpose Usage

View Sense

Like the other goggles from this list, Faguma intends to provide HD vision for the user. This glass provides the true color by enhancing the contrast and cutting off the glares by reducing the light and heat rays.


Faguma diminishes the damage of unwanted harmful light rays and protects your eyes, including the images’ accuracy. Besides, its bendable Frame never loses shape even after long-term Usage. Therefore, it can easily absorb the hit of any obstacle without severe damage.


Due to having metal involvement on the Frame, it tends to give the complete durability a sports goggle should have. The surrounding pads of these goggles also provide better steady. Longevity was Faguma’s prime consideration factor.

  • Perfectly fits in
  • Provides clear vision with less eye stress
  • It cuts off the glare effects
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Breathable spaces around the pads
  • Not suitable for night purposes
  • It can’t be worn for the longer term.

5. Franklin Men’s and Women’s Sports Sunglasses

Franklin Sports MLB - Flip Up Baseball + Softball Sunglasses for Kids + Adults - Lightweight Sport Sunglasses for UV Protection, Black

Coming to the list of softball sunglasses, I needed to consider low-budget sunglasses for sportspeople to move forward. As a matter of fact, it is the cheapest Frame on this list that loads with the most features in it. Therefore, Franklin Filp-Up sunglasses maintained the market demand with the utmost affordable price.

Its foremost target is to ensure clear visibility to the sports players even if they face the sun’s rays for an extended period. Besides that, the polycarbonate lightweight frames made the goggle last season after season. The best part is its flipping lens. You can easily flip up the lens whenever you are in the shade or don’t require the polarized lenses.


  • Flip-up Lenses
  • Polycarbonate Lightweight Frame
  • Impact Resistant Lenses
  • Blue Mirrored Lens
  • Multi-sports Usage


Like the other goggles in this sunglasses list, Franklin Sports also provides clear vision by killing off the UV Rays from the sun. So even when the object falls directly on the sun, you can visualize it with this sports glass.


The lens plate of this Franklin Sports Sunglass has the propensity to cut off the glare and UV rays directly from the sunlight. Indeed, it will keep your eyes cool and damage free. Franklin Sports also includes a headband strap and pouch bag to keep the goggle secure with you.


Polycarbonate frames have always been the most lightweight. In addition, they boost the longevity of the goggles. According to several softball players, Franklin Sports sunglasses last season after season.

  • Includes headband strap and pouch bag
  • Flip-up lens mechanism
  • Affordable in Budget
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Not a good choice in a dark/night zone
  • The lens is Attractive to scratches

6. Oakley Men’s OO9213 Ballistic Sunglasses

Oakley SI Men's OO9213 M Frame 2.0 Industrial Rectangular Sunglasses, Matte Black/Clear, 32 mm

It looks like Oakley never failed to impress their consumers. OO9213 Okley’s another most craved designed sunglass that every athlete searched. Apart from playing on the grounds, these goggles are also preferred for everyday Usage because everyone prefers sun-blocking shades for workouts, cycling, jogging, driving cars, etc.

It has sports features but was prioritized mostly for safety and professional Usage. Oakley Ballistic M 2.0 would be a perfect choice for those relying mostly on gears. The ultimate optic Clarity makes these shades more reliable. Besides, it is also fully compatible with night vision helmet-mounted devices. Let’s check out its specifications which will narrow down your knowledge immediately.


  • Pollaric Ellipsoid Technology Optic Lenses
  • Anti-Fogging back surface
  • UV Protected and filters out 400mm of harmful light wavelengths
  • Exceeds high mass and velocity impact standard
  • Features 15% visible light transmittance for the Grey Lens

View Sense

Meeting the z87 requirements and also with the clear shade, Oakley Ballistic M.2 Sunglass provides non-glare views. Professions like welding require clear visuals with safety precautions. And if we also talk about Biking groups, Oakley M.2 is one of their famous gears. Furthermore, its comfort will never give you any tension on your nose and earpads.

Note: Its crystal clarity and lightweight will make you forget that you are wearing any sunglass.


Will you believe if I say that soldiers and armies most refer to Oakley Ballistic M.2 sunglass? Yes, it is true! High-end workers also include one of these transparent goggles on their gearboxes. As I mentioned, they meet the z87 requirements, a test of high mass impact and lens penetrations. Therefore, it is indeed a certified safety sunglass.


As the Oakley Ballistic M.2 passed down the z87 test, it has to be that durable to break off instantly. Moreover, I can assure you (directly from hundreds of Oakley Ballistic M.2 users) that it will last longer than all the others on this list.

  • It beats the z87 requirements
  • Crystal Clear Transparent shades
  • It never slips off, fits the face compactly
  • Detach-able lens.
  • Lens protection starts to peel off when it gets in touch with water for a long time.

7. Oakley Men’s OO9290 Jawbreaker Sunglasses

Oakley Men's OO9290 Jawbreaker Shield Sunglasses, Polished White w. Red/Prizm Road, 131 mm

I can’t deny it; my list is filled with Oakley and Oakley. Seriously are they the best softball sunglass designers? I am sure they are! So, Oakley’s Jaw Breaker Sheild has all the sporty flexibility you sought. From their Non-Polarized lenses to their durabilities, they are all similar to the other Oakley glasses.

If you ask for the difference, it is the Prizm Plutonite Lens material coating. These lenses absorb the color gradients and enhance them to visualize more clearly. Athletes can surely make the best out of it. The Thermoplastic O Matter Stress-resistant frame also makes this Oakley Jawbreaker different from the rest sunglasses.


  • Non-Polarized UV Protected Lenses
  • Plastic Frame with surrounding grips
  • HDO Patented optical Clarity
  • Thermoplastic O Matter Stress-Resistant Frame
  • Interchangeable Lens System

View Sense

Having the HDO Optics, Oakley Jawbreaker assures better Clarity with surround eye coverage. Even if the sporty objects get around the blind spots, you can still navigate them nicely, as it doesn’t have any blind spots.


Oakley considered Thermoplastic material to design their Jawbreaker goggles. It is also certified as an O Matter Stress-Resistance test. Therefore, it can easily push back the impacts of hitting balls. Jawbreaker will be a good choice unless you participate in boxing competitions. Haha!


The unobtanium socks and pads with interchangeable lens mechanisms make it durable to reuse the Frame as long as you want. Furthermore, if we talk about the Frame only, buddy, it has thermoplastic on it. So the strength and flexibility of this Frame is the one that differs itself from the rest.

  • Interchangeable Lens
  • Thermoplastic durable and flexible Frame
  • Unobtanium ear socks and node pads
  • Includes soft vault sunglass case and a micro bag
  • Adjustable Earpieces
  • The paint starts to peel off after longer Usage.

Buying Guide for the Best Softball Sunglasses

Buying a sports optic doesn’t relate to acquiring normal spectacles for everyday Usage. Instead, sports goggles have incredible features that benefit you in other work activities rather than just sports.

Therefore, you must acquire some pre-defined knowledge to aid you in getting your sports aviators. In the following section, I mentioned some of the “must have” points as a buying guide. So let’s check them out and consider the most important gospels.

Comfortable Fit

The first thing that must be considered while choosing softball sunglasses is how well they fit your eyes. Sometimes, your glass frames start slipping even if you sweat a bit. Well, that’s a drag!

Therefore, better rubber grips with solid frames of your perfect size will solve this problem immediately. Time to say “Good Bye” to the slipping frames, now!

Eye Area Coverage

The little space you get all around your goggles is the space that gives better airflow. This airflow prevents the shades from getting blurred. Besides, wide eye-view coverage doesn’t concede the Frame to obstruct your vision.

Besides, these sunglasses prevent dirt, sunrays, dust, and debris. Therefore, having too many spaces around the bifocals doesn’t makes it a good choice either. In addition, I would rather say to go for 8-base shield designs for lenses to get rid of these drags.

UV Protection and Shatter-Proof Lenses

Playing softball on sunny days is a great hassle for sports players. It is hard to navigate the ball in the sun’s rays. So we require UV-protected lenses to prevent sunlight from getting into our eyes. Besides, the polarized lenses give us a more vibrant and contrasty view. As a result, it makes it much easier to play than playing with bare eyes.

And if we talk about sports, injury is a must. It is like buy one get one free. Thus, we must go for shatter-proof lenses to protect our eyes from serious vandalism. Especially for children, a 100% UVA/UVB lens is sincerely recommended.

Non-Fogging Sunglass Shades

The most irritating situation for athletes is when their goggles get fogged. Don’t you agree? Yeah, it sucks! I know! But if you had taken an anti-fogging shade, you didn’t have to go through the same situation if you had already gone through the same circumstances.

Besides, better anti-fog shades come with better comfort for the eyes. Although other factors also matter. Sunglasses that can avoid UV rays can also prevent the eyes from getting warm heat directly from the sun.

Regular Lens Vs. Sports Lens

A regular lens might give you a fine look with better Clarity and precision if it includes any optical power. But on the other hand, a sports lens is durable, shatter-free, UV resistant, and many more. Besides, some sports lenses also include optical power shades if you require any power.

Therefore, going for sports shades rather than regularly used power optics while playing on the field is better. These shades will give you a better view and protect your eyes from impacts and the sun’s rays.

Wrapping Up the Context

Considering a sports match, our eye is our body’s most vital sensitive portion. Besides, apart from the direct impact of any obstacle, we must also shield our eyes from harmful sunlight rays. And this is where we end up choosing sports goggles.

Meanwhile, I referred the top-notch sports goggles for beginners and professionals in this content. Besides, I also involved the buying guide to make it easier for you to choose the right goggle for your sports ball match. Furthermore, you can comment below if you have any queries related to softball sunglasses. I will surely notify you right away.

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