Best Baseball Sliding Mitts

We all know that Baseball is a 9-head player game between two teams that includes a bat and bowl. Apart from some significant differences, softball, and baseball are almost similar. But the craze of softball is more in females compared to males. Basically, it is a Female Oriented sport. Whereas, baseball is a male-oriented sport. 

In addition, every sport requires its own gadgets and gears as a part of the sport. Baseball sports make no difference in this case. This sport also includes several gears like sliding mitts, helmets, kneepads, turf shoes, and many more. Well, from this content you will know every single detail of a sliding mitt, how it helps, and what are the best baseball sliding mitts.

What are Baseball Sliding Mitts?

The primary service of gear in sports is safety. Sliding mitts serve the same for baseball players. They are intended to protect the baserunner’s hand while they are chasing for their bases. 

Most baseball enthusiasts wear this sliding mitt on their right hand. But, these sliding mitts are designed in a reversible pattern so that they can be worn on any hand. 

The athletes who are chasing and running for their base wear them on their hand so that if they require to slide or jump to grapple the base, their hand stays out of danger. The mitt covers the hand inside it and prevents any sort of cleats or other vast injuries. Moreover, the wrist elastic also protects the wrist area.

List of 5 Best Baseball Sliding Mitts

Now that you know all the necessary details of the sliding mitts, here are the top 5 baseball sliding gloves you can have that are referred by not just ordinary users but also professional baseball stokers. 

1. EvoShield Sliding Mitt

EvoShield Sliding Mitt (OSFM), Black - Right-Hand


  • Both front and back-hand side shields protect the finger and palm
  • Protects and supports the wrist with the Elastic Compression Bands
  • Easy Snug-in and quick get-off adjustable mechanisms. 
  • The thumb can be freed and tucked in for the thumb hole feature
  • Comes with different variants for different hands. Choose LH for the Left hand and RH for the Right hand

A baseball player who is pretty-much fond of base paths must need to score up in their desired stolen bases. And there comes the EvoShield Sliding Mitt, providing all the safety and security that a glove can outstand even if the player is on high drag while sliding. 

EvoShield Sliding Glove ensures players’ lead hand protection with both hand-side protective plates, both-side wrist stabilization strips, and bands of elastic compressions to hold its place firmly without falling off. 

Short Wind Up

Meanwhile, if you are aiming for a sliding mitt that comes with fancy colour with all the precious features a glove should have, EvoShield Sliding Mitt is a primary choice you can adore without any hesitation.

  • Any age players are accessible 
  • Includes all the premium features that are must-have
  • Premium Long-Lasting Quality
  • A bit less comfortable if not picked the right size
  • More straps involve more time to get in on before the match play

2. Tru Pro Sliding Mitt

Tru Pro Sliding Mitt - Custom Design for Right and Left Hand - for Baseball and Softball - Sliding Mitt - Protection for Hand (Adult, Black)


  • With hardened exterior on both sides of the hand ensures proper safety. 
  • Didn’t compromise the comfort as it includes the soft textures of neoprene material.
  • Multi-Hand oriented design makes it more user-friendly on both hands
  • Starting from Youth to Adults, all aged athletes can use this mitt in practice/ professional sessions. 
  • Suitable for both Baseball and Softball, Male and Female Athletes

Many athletes come around with their own specific custom gear. They are intended to stand out from the others. (Like the CR7 grabs the Soccer crowds). Well, Tru Pro provides these flexibilities for baseball enthusiasts. 

Hence, Tru Pro Sliding Mitt is one of their custom-designed gliding gloves that provide both safeties as well as comfort. This mitt includes neoprene soft flex materials that ensure its comfortability. On the other hand, the premium quality elastic bands also make the glove easy to fit in and pull out.

Short Wind Up

Now that, as you have gone through all the tiny details of the Tru Pro Sliding Mitt, you might already know that this sliding mitt ain’t a funky one like the EvoShield. Yet, it serves the best protection for the hand being a standard baseball sliding glove.

  • Comes with Good Protection Plates
  • Better Fitting (without losing the comfort)
  • Easy Adjustable Mechanisms
  • Available at a low consistent price range
  • Poor Stitching Quality. 
  • Gives a rigid feeling from the inside of the glove (Sometimes)

3. Guardian Baseball Sliding Mitt

Guardian Baseball Sliding Mitt - Softball Sliding Guard - Protective Baseball Sliding Glove - Elastic Compression Strap - Adult (Black)


  • Comes in 3 styles → Single, Two Pack, Wrist Combo
  • Compatible with both Adults and Youths of any age
  • Covers the entire hand-to-wrist area along with an elastic compression strap
  • When its in-fold, you can easily carry them inside any of your carry sources
  • Might look like an oven glove, but the safety it provides is a 100/100

Like the other sliding mitts in this list, Guardian Baseball Sliding Glove is also a similar protective gear for baseball strokers. Except for its premium protective shield that is aimed to cover the entire hand, up to the wrist. 

Apart from that, Guardian Mitt can also fit both hands pretty easily. Moreover, its compatibility makes it more win-win. You can easily put them inside any pockets of your baseball gear when you don’t require them. 

Short Wind Up

Aiming for a complete pack, where the mitts can cover the hand-to-wrist area along with both-hands compatibility, Guardian Baseball Sliding Mitt has no competitor. Besides, the affordability and the ease of usage are the bonus part of this mitt.

  • Very affordable
  • Wrist Velcro wrap is very sturdy
  • Prevents the wrist from getting jammed
  • Slightly Smaller than the other sliding mitts

4. ACELETIQS Baseball Sliding Mitt

Sliding Mitt - Custom Design for Right and Left Hand - Sliding Mitt for Baseball and Softball - Youth and Adult Size - Sliding Mitt Beisbol Hand Protection (Youth - Small)


  • Adults to Youths (with referred sizes) can easily snug in their hands and utilize them
  • Both Right-Hand to Left-Hand users can use them without hassles
  • The ultimate comfort it serves will make you feel that you wore nothing
  • A hardened Exterior with full sealing makes it a compatible protection gear
  • Ensures longevity by having premium quality materials along with a portable carry along bag

ACELETIQS comes in number 4 on this list doesn’t mean that its quality is slightly less good than the others on this list. I assured you that I include all the top-notch sliding gloves a beginner to pro-end enthusiasts can easily broke-in and utilize on their matches.

Hence, this ACELETIQS took the chance to get inside this list without any hassle. Sadly, it comes in two sizes only. Yet, the ultimate protection it provides is way better than the other options available in the market. 

Short Wind Up

Have you seen a mitt that includes a lifetime warranty? ACELETIQS made it done for you. Besides succeeding, in fact surpassing, your expectations, now you can confidentially use them when you have nothing to worry about the glove’s condition.

  • Very Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Includes Lifetime warranty
  • Includes a carry-along bag as well
  • Easy to snug in your hand, but hard to pull off
  • Less Padding compared to EvoShield and Tru Pro

5. NPRO Sliding Mitt

NPRO Sliding Mitt,Baseball Sliding Mitt,Sliding Mitt Baseball for Base Running,Sliding Mitt for Baseball and Softball,Protect Fingers,Elastic Compression Strap (Black)


  • Flexible adjustable elastic straps make it quick to fit and lose
  • Serves complete coverage and protection from palm to fingers
  • Breathable mesh makes the hand less sweaty and ensures comfort
  • One size available and that’s 11.5*5.75 inch (meant for adults)

Looks like we have came to the end of this list. Well, as you have seen in some multi-gen sliding gloves above, NPRO is only adult-oriented. In that case, you might give it a minus one, as youths won’t be able to take the experience of this amazing sliding hand shield. 

The comprehensive protection of this sliding mitt ensures your hands are safe in it along with your fingers even on hard slips. Basically, it acts like a slip-on for hands for the strokers. Apart from that, it also comes along with an adjustable wrist strap to get in your hand easily and also pull off rapidly when needed. 

Short Wind Up

Apart from using sliding mitts for in-field professional baseball or softball matches, many of you desire to use them in practice sessions as well. And there comes the  NPRO Sliding Mitts. You can avail this glove on both in-ground pitches and international play fields.

  • Apart from being adult-oriented, kids are utilizing this glove for their goods, having extra inches
  • Premium stitches make it last longer and more sturdy
  • Neoprene breathable material ensures comfort
  • No thumb hole, therefore thumb has to stick-in

Short Pre-Purchase Guide for Base Running Gloves

Aiming for professional gear that can boost our gameplay is not an easy decision to make. Therefore, in this section, you will know how you can choose the precise sliding gloves among the vast choices available.  


The first thing that comes in the requirement list is the durability of the gloves. Make sure your mitt includes durable materials that provide better protection and doesn’t rip off easily with the slightest impact. Hence, it will last longer if maintained precisely. 


Secondly, measurement is a prime concern in the case of hand or leg gears. You shouldn’t go for too tight to snug in your hand comfortably, nor too loose so that your glove easily falls off or can’t hold your hand firmly. 


Gloves without proper paddings are useless. Hence, ensure your sliding glove must include better paddings around your palm area. Only your palm goes through the tough impacts when you slide. Therefore, it has to be secured with a proper palm padding mitt. 

Sliding with the Mitts

How a Player Gets Benefitted From a Sliding Mitt?

In short, if you are a baseball enthusiast who is good at running and chasing bases after the strokes, you probably know how dangerous it is for your hand while you glide. 

Therefore, to secure your hands along with the fingers, palm, and wrist, sliding gloves are a mandatory gear for professional fields. They will prevent calluses, blisters, and bruises along with providing a fine grip to grab the base bar precisely. 

Best Suited Features for Sliding Mitts

There is a wide range of gloves available in the market that you can choose from. But the quality of the material used in them and their features plays a vital role here. 

Primarily the sliding mitts consist of protection plates covering the entire area of the hand, including the hard lining, velcro as well as wrist. Certain mitts come with a thumb-opening hole feature from where players can easily free out their thumb, also tuck in back again if needed. Thus, having such features in a sliding mitt can serve proper safety for your hand.

Can We Personalize Our Own Baseball Sliding Glove?

Before you come to the part of customizing a sliding mitt, what do you actually want to have in a sliding mitt? Having said that, you will get these ready-made sliding mitts with your preferred features already available in them, but sometimes, the outlook can be modified.

Besides, if you go with a standard sliding mitt there is a high chance of getting all the features required for a baseball player. Apart from that some manufacturers provide many colour customizations you can choose from. 

Well, while researching I’ve found that 44 pro guards are offering custom sliding mitt builders. Here you can customize your own colours on the different portions of the gloves. Furthermore, you can also include custom logos, names, or even badge outlines. Remember, it won’t be cheap like the standard ones. 

Wrapping Up

Having said that, we ended up at the very end of this article where you got every single detail of the top 5 best baseball sliding mitts. So? Which one you are picking? I believe it’s the EvoShield, as it’s an all-rounder for me, to be honest.

Yet, the choice varies according to the needs. Besides, if you have any queries regarding sliding mitts, feel free to put it in the comment section below.

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