Top 10 Best Softball Helmets

Softball is a very fun sport for young men and adults alike. This game consists of two teams, each with 9 to 10 players, and is an excellent way to burn off calories and get regular exercise.

Moreover, national softball players often start off as young enthusiastic players, so it is important to support the dream of any young man who wants to play softball.

When sporting the player, it is important also to ensure that they are safe because softball can also be a dangerous game. This is when the best softball helmet list comes in handy.

After reading this article, you will know which helmet you should buy for yourself or your child to ensure they are completely safe and protected on the field.

A Brief Clarification on Softball Helmets

Since softball is a field game requiring players to throw a ball; there is a high chance of the players getting hurt. In fact, softball is a game that cannot be played without a helmet, as it is a safety hazard. 

The batter’s helmet can save a life or serious injury. Even if the game is being played as a fun activity, the ball can travel at 55 and 90 miles per hour, which can cause concussion and worse.

This is why it is extremely important to have a good quality softball helmet when you are playing a softball game. A low-quality helmet will not fulfill its purpose well, so a good amount of time should be spent searching for the best softball helmet in the market.

Therefore, along with fastpitch batting helmets, one should invest in good quality helmets and protective gear.

Lucky for you, we have made the job much easier by comprising a list of the 10 best softball helmets that you should be buying for yourself and your loved ones. They are all unique, with unique features that fulfill the important purpose of keeping you out of harm’s way.

Breaking Down the Top 10 Best Softball Helmets

Now that you know how important a helmet is for a player, we will break down the top 10 helmets that professionals wear. A helmet comes as part of the costume of softball players; thus, you can buy a lot of different ones at different price points and quality.

Here is a small list detailing the features of the helmets that we will mention in this article.

 FaceguardAir vents
Rawlings | COOLFLO HIGHLIGHTERIncludedPresent
Marucci DuraVent Batting HelmetNot includedPresent
Easton Alpha Batting HelmetNot includedPresent
RIP-IT | Vision Pro HelmetIncludedPresent
Mizuno F6 Fastpitch HelmetIncludedNot present
Rawlings | T-Ball Batting HelmetsNot includedPresent
Easton | Z5 2.0 Baseball HelmetNot includedPresent
Rawlings | MACH EXTENSIONNot includedPresent
Under Armour Converge HelmetNot includedPresent
CHAMPRO HX Baseball HelmetNot includedPresent

Now let’s get started with the helmets.


Rawlings | COOLFLO HIGHLIGHTER Batting Helmet | Face Guard Included | One Size Fits Most 6 1/2"-7 1/2" | Matte Black


  • Molded with ABS plastic shell
  • Has 15 individual air vents
  • It has face sizes 6 1/2″ to 7 1/2″
  • Comes in many colors
  • Meets NOCSAE Helmet Certification

Rawlings is a very well-known brand among softball players. It is a brand that makes good quality softball equipment, including helmets. This helmet is made for youths and adults and is one size that fits all.

One great thing about this helmet is that it comes with a faceguard, so you do not need to buy this with extra money as it is included in the cost.

Since this brand produces many trustworthy products, you know that the helmet will be good quality and reliable, everything you will need for playing softball. This helmet is also designed for both men and women.

The helmet is made up of inner foam to keep the player safe, and since it is a simple design, it meets all requirements of a player. Since the helmet has CoolFlo technology, it provides airflow that ensures that the player stays cool and does not overheat.

There are no size options, but one size should fit all as it is adjustable, and it also comes with a face guard, so overall, it is perfect for a beginner.

  • Fits children as young as eight years old
  • It is made up of durable material
  • Comes in bright and unique colors
  • The sponge adjusts to the head size
  • Scratches easily
  • Hard for children to wear by themselves

2. Marucci DuraVent Batting Helmet

Marucci DuraVent Batting Helmet, NOCSAE Certified, Black, Senior


  • Constructed with three layers of impact-grade ABS material
  • Has two sizes, for seniors (7⅛ – 7½) and juniors (6½ – 7⅛)
  • It has 17 ventilation portals
  • It comes with jaw guard
  • Fully wrapped ear pads included

Marucci is another famous softball equipment brand, with their bats being one of the most widely used among professional players. With that said, the helmet is a very strong and durable option for someone who takes softball playing seriously.

This helmet is made for juniors, so young children are the target audience, and it comes in 5 different colors that the child can choose from. This is another helmet that has one size that fits most people. It is made up of technology that helps the helmet sit snugly on any head.

The helmet is almost impact-absorbing, so it gives more protection than a normal baseball helmet. It does not come with a faceguard but has jaw protection, which adds an added layer of protection. It also has a laminated, moisture-wicking liner so it absorbs all the sweat and keeps you dry.

  • It can be either a matt or glossy finish
  • Durable material
  • It comes with a warranty
  • Doesn't come with a faceguard
  • The glue from the sticker is difficult to take off

3. Easton | Alpha Baseball Batting Helmet

EASTON ALPHA Baseball Battting Helmet, Large/XLarge, Black


  • Made up of ABS thermoplastic shell
  • Contains a dual-density foam liner
  • Has bio dry liner as well
  • Comes in sizes, large to X-large, from 7 1/8″-7 3/4″

Easton is another brand known for its baseball helmets. It is not as well known as some other brands, but it is still a trustworthy and respected company.

This particular helmet comes in many sizes, so it will fit more snugly. Choosing a helmet with multiple sizes reduces the risk of the helmet not fitting, so if you have a uniquely shaped head, this is a better option.

This is a comfortable and durable helmet that is comfortable and absorbing. Therefore, the remaining sweat that did not dry due to the air vents will be absorbed to keep the player comfortable.

It is a helmet for adults that comes in many different colors for both men and women. There is also shock absorption quality in the helmet, adding an extra level of security. Lastly, the helmet meets NOCSAE standards for all levels of play.

  • Has a one-year limited warranty
  • Great quality for the price
  • Light and solid for both kids and adults
  • Comes in many colors
  • Doesn't come with a jaw protection, so that’s an added cost
  • Hard to get the sizing exactly right

4. RIP-IT | Vision Pro Softball Batting Helmet

RIP-IT | Vision Pro Softball Batting Helmet | Matte | Black | Lightweight Women's Sport Equipment


  • Made up of polycarbonate material
  • Comes with RIP-IT vision pro-technology and a dual-density foam
  • Has 21 air-vents as well as moisture-management wrapped pads
  • Made for the female athlete
  • Comes in 4 different sizes

This is a professional-level helmet, as the Rip-IT is a pretty high-end brand. The quality of the helmet meets the price as well. This particular brand is made for women, so for women who are serious about their softball careers, this is a great investment.

The made is made for women by women, so it is designed to fit comfortably on women. The design is very lightweight, so it does not weigh you down.

There is a feature of vision pro that also allows the player to have a great and uninhabited vision of the field while playing. Most unisex helmets are made more fitting for men, so this one is specially designed to fit the needs of women or female athletes that play softball.

It has all the important features of a helmet, like absorbing sweat, allowing air to cool you down, and much more.

  • Comes with a face guard
  • Has six different matte colors to choose from
  • Comes with a “peace of mind” policy
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Has space for ponytails and fits women of all ages
  • Difficult to buy an accurate size
  • It might be too small for extra bigger heads

5. Mizuno F6 Adult Fastpitch Softball Helmet

Mizuno F6 Adult Fastpitch Softball Batting Helmet with Mask, Black, Small/Medium


  • Designed for fastpitch Softball athlete
  • Made up of ABS plastic shell
  • Has a honeycomb shell pattern to lower the weight
  • Contains EVA foam inner core
  • Comes in 4 different sizes

This fastpitch softball batting helmet is from Mizuno brand, aJapanese-originn brand that sells sports goods all over the world. This is another high-quality brand that produces softball equipment. This brand is not only targeted at softball players; it is a company that sells all types of sports goods.

This matte helmet is made for adults and comes in many different sizes and colors. Like most other helmets, this helmet meets NOCSAE standards, so it is a safe option. It has all the requirements that make a helmet worthy. It has no extra features but is a classic, high-quality helmet for a softball game.

  • Very lightweight
  • Has a face guard
  • Has many different colors
  • Perfect for children as well
  • May be too small for some people
  • Can get scratched up

6. Rawlings | T-Ball Batting Helmets

Rawlings RCFTB Coolflo NOCSAE T-Ball Molded Helmet, Black, 6 1/4 – 6 7/8


  • It is made up of ABS plastic
  • Has 15 air vents and space for ponytails
  • Has dual density foam lining
  • It is made up of an aerodynamic design with a 1-tone solid finish
  • The sizes are between 6 1/4″ – 6 7/8″ Hat Size

This is another Rawlings product, considering it is one of the top brands for softball products. This helmet is made for youth, so younger people, and the sizes are also designed for this age range.

Just like their other products, this helmet is a great option for kids that want to try playing fastpitch softball. It is comfortable and provides the protection needed from a ball flying in your direction.

This unisex product comes in a small range of sizes that should fit most. The inner foam adjusts to the size of the head, removing the hassle of choosing the right size. It is a matte helmet that looks very sleek and modern as well.

  • Very affordable
  • Comes in many different colors
  • Durable
  • Perfect for younger players
  • Missing face guard
  • The size is not perfect for everyone

7. Easton | Z5 2.0 Baseball Batting Helmet

EASTON Z5 2.0 Batting Helmet w/ Universal Jaw Guard, Baseball Softball, Senior, Matte Black


  • Made up of high-impact resistant ABS Thermoplastic Shell
  • Added universal jaw guard
  • Consists of a dual-density foam liner
  • Has a padded bio-dri liner as well
  • Consists of a removable forehead sticker

This Easton helmet comes in two types, one for seniors and one for younger people. It is a helmet that can be adjusted for both right-handed and left-handed players. The Easton brand has affordable helmets that are perfect for professionals and new players as well.

This helmet is comfortable and snug for all ages. It is perfect for a fastpitch game because it has shock-absorbing and sweat-absorbing capabilities. This helmet is designed to meet all requirements for a softball helmet. It is also NOCSAE-approved as it meets the standard for all levels of play.

  • Comes with jaw protection and wrapped ear pads
  • Sturdy and fits well
  • Comes in many colors
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to get a perfect size

8. Rawlings | MACH EXTENSION Batting Helmet

Rawlings MACHEXTR-B7-JR 2019 Mach Baseball Batting Helmet, Matte Black


  • Made up of synthetic and polycarbonate material
  • Comes with Impax foam for shock absorption
  • Has strategically placed vents
  • For juniors, it comes in 6 3/8″ – 7 1/8″ Hat Size

This is another helmet for fastpitch softball from the Rawlings brand. This helmet comes in sizes for both seniors and youngsters as well. It’s a traditional helmet but can be adjusted forright-handd batter andleft-handd batter.

The 2-piece adapter and flap combination offers right-handed batters specific coverage, allowing enhanced plate visibility. It meets the requirement for a good helmet.

This is different from the other Rawlings helmets mentioned because they are specifically made for batters, allowing them to play comfortably. However, it does not compromise on other features, like ventilation and moisture control either.

  • Provides jaw and cheek coverage
  • Comes in 7 different colors
  • Stable and comfortable to wear
  • The sticker might be hard to take off
  • The foam is not as thick and comfortable

9. Under Armour Converge Batting Helmet

Under Armour Baseball UABH2 110: WH Converge Solid Batter's Helmet, White, Youth


  • The outer material is polycarbonate
  • Comes with dual-density padding inner foam
  • Has anti-odor technology
  • One size fits all

This is a batting helmet from the Under Armour company that sells all types of sportswear. This is a helmet specifically designed for youth or younger players and comes in funky colors.

It is perfect for someone who is starting out in softball and wants to know if they will like the game or not. These are perfect for children that are 11 years old and under as the hat size is one that fits.

Since it is made for younger children, it also has anti-odor technology, so the helmet stays nice and fresh after games. It has vents and a soft cushion, so it sits comfortably on any head. This helmet is unisex, so both genders can use it. This is for boys and girls who like girly and secure helmets as well.

  • Fits younger children snugly
  • Durable and provides good protection
  • Comes in four unique colors
  • Affordable
  • Does not come with a faceguard or chin guard
  • The sticker is difficult to take off

10. CHAMPRO HX Baseball Batting Helmet

CHAMPRO mens Gamer Plus with Reversible Jaw Guard HX Batting Helmet, Black, Large US


  • Made up of strong ABS material
  • Lightweight shell, impact foam, moisture-wicking fabric on jaw pads.
  • It has a DRI-GEAR liner
  • Contains added bio-Fresh treatment guards

Lastly, we will talk about helmets from the Champro company. This brand offers a wide range of sports goods for different types of activities. This helmet is for both adults and youngsters, as it comes in various sizes for all age ranges.

This helmet is designed for batters, and it has air vents and moisture-wicking fabric to help keep the player cool during the game. It also has a jaw guard to protect the jaw of the player. The jaw pad can be moved on either side for both right-hand and left-hand players.

This is one of the helmets with technology to prevent bad odor in the helmet as well. This is an excellent choice for someone who is serious about softball and wants to stay safe and focused while playing the game.

  • Comes in four colors with a matte finish
  • Has adjustable jaw pads
  • Sturdy and good quality helmet
  • Does not come with a facemask
  • Targeted toward men

Buying Guide For Best Fastpitch Softball Helmets

When buying these helmets, you have to be very careful that you are buying a good product that will fit well. Whether for yourself or your children or grandkids, it is important to consider the following things:


All of the helmets mentioned here come from very good brands. Although there are some no-brand helmets, they are usually unreliable and dangerous to depend on.

This is why it is important to do your research and look for helmets trusted and liked by other people so that if you get hit, it does not hurt and passes any test on the field.

Fastpitch Softball Helmets


The helmet needs to fit snugly and should not be knocked off easily because it will defeat the whole purpose of having the helmet. Some helmets are one size fits all, which adjusts to your head size, while others come in various sizes.

It is important to measure the size of the head and make sure that the helmet will fit perfectly. The helmet weight is another point of focus.


Although the appearance will not affect the quality of the helmet, it will help the player feel more confident and comfortable. Therefore, it is best to buy a helmet that not only fits well but also looks good and is in your favorite color. You can also choose whether you want a matte or a glossy finish.


Can you add padding to a softball helmet?

To make the helmet tight, the players have the option to add all or just a portion of the padding. This is a practical way to have a fitter helmet that provides more comfort. Of course, if the shop you got the helmet from had the correct size, you do not need it.

Is there a difference between baseball and softball batting helmets?

These two are very similar and almost the same in their features. The face mask, ear flaps, and chin strap are all present in both of these helmets.

The one noticeable difference is that major league batting helmets have one ear flap, while the other ones have more ear flaps. Moreover, there are differences in the design of the face mask.

Do you need a helmet for slow-pitch softball?

For maximum vision and safety, it is recommended to have a helmet. Whether the player is in the batter’s box or somewhere else on the field, a helmet can prevent serious injury. Not to mention wearing a helmet is part of team spirit.


Softball is a fun and popular sport, but like any physical activity, safety should always come first. A good quality softball helmet is an essential piece of equipment to protect the player’s head from any potential impact during the game.

Through researching and reviewing various products, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best softball helmets on the market. Each helmet on the list offers unique features, such as advanced ventilation, comfortable fit, and superior impact resistance.

No matter your age or level of play, investing in a high-quality softball helmet can provide you with the confidence and protection you need to enjoy the game and perform at your best.

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