How To Increase Bat Speed In Softball?- Most Effective Tips

How To Increase Bat Speed In Softball? probably all the softball player wants to know this question answer. today we will get the best tips from an expert softball player on how we can Increase Bat Speed In Softball.

For faster and more efficient baserunning, softball players must be thoroughly aware of their speed’s importance. When base running, it’s not enough to go as fast as possible in a straight line.

The odds of making it to second base and scoring a run improve with each additional bat swing. Additionally, the faster you swing the bat, the quicker the ball will leave the bat after making contact with it.

Cherveny argues that swing speed is crucial since it determines the bat speed at which the ball is hit. The [Citation needed] When evaluating a golfer’s skill, “swing speed is a crucial statistic.” The ball’s projected distance after being struck by a bat will directly correlate to its weight. Keeping the same bat swing speed while using a heavier bat will result in a higher batted ball velocity, enhancing the distance a ball travels after being hit with the bat as per hitting drills with a lead arm.

What follows is a discussion of the various means through which a bat’s speed can be increased.

here are some tips for Increase Bat Speed In Softball. if you follow these tips very carefully you will get your expected answer.

A Twist in the Gun’s Barrel

You can draw a clear line between the great hitters and the fact that they flip the barrel from reading the content on this site to produce power as a slap hitter.

As the baseball is swung, the barrel will rotate counterclockwise around it, then tilt forward. This spin is the most efficient way to get the barrel moving quickly, which is only one of its many advantages as per the aspects of softball training and softball swing with front boot and softball hitting.

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The speed of your body is irrelevant; what matters is the speed of THE BARREL. Track how far the barrel goes before it begins to spin. Due to their increased speed at the plate, hitters can get a jump on the competition. It’s easy to transfer the bat’s momentum into the ball because the barrel accelerates behind them with the front foot.

Batters of the future would be able to maximize their abilities if they all tried to adopt this swing.

By tilting the bat, a player can gain an edge through the use of momentum without requiring superhuman forearm strength. Using momentum effectively requires less energy and effort than going against it would.

Collapse Your Arms Into Your Chest.

Many batters try to move their hands through the ball and away from their back shoulder when they swing. Quite a few problems exist with that. By bringing the hands forward, hitters can delay the moment the bat crosses the plate in front of the baseball, so minimizing the potential for an error with proper form.

Second, pulling the hands forward puts the smaller muscles in the upper body to work before the larger muscles in the lower body. That’s why power gets channeled downward from its source with a fastpitch player, the total rotational speed with a kinetic chain, and more power with exit velocity.

You’ll have more command of the bat if your hands are level with your shoulders when swinging. If you try to hold an object at arm’s length from your body, you’ll quickly discover that it becomes noticeably heavier and more challenging to handle the more you are from the center of your body. Keeping the hands at the shoulders and the shoulders angled toward the ball helps keep a firm and powerful hold on the baseball. The batter’s hands can continue moving toward the pitcher after he hits the ball.

Changing the Load

One outstanding sportsman who has made good use of weight changes is Ryan Braun. When Braun swings at a baseball, he uses his body’s momentum to his advantage by sliding into the ball.

This is not the same as stepping forward and making contact. In the following two paragraphs, I’ll provide more information. For the time being, I want you to focus on how he still favors his rear leg despite his forward momentum and falling posture. The vast majority of hitters will disregard this essential aspect. Notice that Braun is not standing erect in this clip. His shoulders are 2–4 inches further back than his hips, indicating that he is reclining. With this and the elbow pullback, Braun can maintain a “stay back” sensation while increasing forward momentum.

Contraction of Fingers

video credit: Antonelli Softball

At our camps and clinics, we just draw a line across the palm of a batting glove, starting at the index finger and ending at the bottom of the glove. This allows our hand and bat to stay on top of the finger grip, where they belong. If we can keep the bat from sliding back into the palm of our hands, our wrist strength will increase dramatically.


How would one typically go about obtaining a bat? My grip tightens with a solid handshake. This sums up the whole thing. I always do this before swinging a bat or accepting one from another player. Get the bat and shake it up well before bringing it inside.

Indeed, that sums up the situation perfectly. The best hand is now set for action. When extending your left hand to shake, your bottom hand should do the same. We can tell that your grasp is relaxed and comfortable since your fingers are positioned above the line we drew rather than below it and closer to your thumb.

You can get a finger grasp on the bat by putting it out in front of you and seeing if you can pinch it between your thumb and index finger. You’ll have difficulty controlling the bat’s speed by pinching the thumb instead of the index finger. The reverse is true: going out is the quickest option. Keep your wrists loose. We’re interested in people with lightning reflexes. We want to be able to hit the ball with all the strength in our wrists and hands.

How to Hold Your Hands?

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Second, we’ll analyze how our hand placement affects our overall posture. Keep the bat in a high position; that’s where we want to focus our efforts. The bottom hand should be around the same height as a high pitch or strike (pitch up, strikeout, upper edge of strike zone) and the hand opposite the pitcher’s armpit. And we’ll keep this stance while grabbing the bat and swinging at the ball.

In order to maintain our dominance, the leading and directing arms must remain effective. Powerful positions are required for both sides. The player’s elbow should be facing toward the target, or the pitch, when in the power position.

Take care to not cram yourself in too tightly. Some batters squeeze themselves in too tightly, which slows down the swing and makes it harder to get a good bat speed. We want a quick turnaround, so keep that in mind as well. So here we have a tiny area, around the size of your hand, that is not part of your body but is nevertheless in a powerful position.


There should be some inward tucking of the elbows. It’s common to see folks with their arms propped up on their desks. When we hit, we often wrap, which is a common tactic. Negating gravity’s pull is a challenging task. With the bat at the one o’clock position, we need you to raise your elbow so that we can get to the ball more quickly. We have to work against gravity to lift it and spin it around.

Moreover, the architectural design of our bodies gives us a natural tendency to slump backward, causing that shoulder to drop. Let’s make it a priority to eliminate wrapping the ball as a possible outcome. Cross the middle of it with no trouble. The power stance is achieved by bringing the elbows across the torso to point downward. The back elbow should be raised slightly above the front elbow.

The Prospective Viewpoint

To construct our forearms, our upper and lower arms meet at a right angle. Wrapping it again will be necessary if you lift it too high.


Shoulders can be casually slouched. The front shoulder should be raised if it is significantly lower than the other shoulder. There’s a strong possibility you’ll get into many problems if you get off to a start like this, whether because you keep dropping more or you keep trying to move the bat back up. As a result, starting with it toned down even somewhat is not necessarily a terrible idea. In other words, it’s completely horizontal. In either situation, avoiding caution is safer by maintaining the temperature a little lower than necessary.

The Tips To Consider For Beginner Softball Players

Here is some additional information To Consider For Beginner Softball Players.

Preparation is key

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Never start cold, as the extra strain on the body can easily result in an injury. A typical softball warm-up for beginners consists of jogging for a few minutes to raise the body’s core temperature, stretching to warm up the muscles gradually, and then beginning with simple throwing before progressing to tougher tosses.

Take care when selecting a glove.

It’s essential to use a glove that fits your hand and posture properly. More giant gloves are not necessarily easier to catch with, contrary to popular belief. Pick a glove that fits snugly but not too tightly, is not too heavy, and makes it simple to move the ball from glove to throwing hand.

Use the glove as a break-in.

You can make your life as a beginning softball player much more accessible by choosing a glove and warming it up so that it is flexible. Your best bet is to work the glove with as much practice as possible. A prevalent ingredient in many shaving creams, lanolin is one concept for quickly softening the leather of the glove.

Placement of Gloves

Leaving a ball inside the glove and securing it with a shoelace or rubber bands while not wearing it will assist shape it or retaining the shape you worked so hard to obtain.

Invest in some good cleats.

The quality of your softball game can be significantly improved by investing in a solid pair of cleats. If you’re going to buy a pair of softball cleats, look for a pair that provides adequate support and is, most importantly, comfortable. Support for your ankles and arches is essential, and if you have weak ankles, high-top cleats may be the way to go.

Hone your skill as a hurler

Aside from improving your chances of winning matches, maintaining a high fitness level is another benefit of developing your throwing skills. As a novice in the sport of softball, you should focus on developing efficient throwing mechanics to lessen the likelihood of incurring arm or shoulder injuries and maximize your ability to generate force with a minimal outlay of physical effort.

Exhibit adaptability.

While mastery of your prominent position is paramount, knowing at least one auxiliary position to use in an emergency is beneficial. Being able to play multiple positions is a massive plus for any softball team, but especially for those featuring a player with a wide range of skills.

Interval training

Softball players require the sprinter’s conditioning as opposed to the marathon runner’s because of the sport’s emphasis on short, intense bursts of activity. Pay attention to increasing your pace through “intervals.” The session might consist of intervals like running hard for 45 seconds followed by 45 seconds of rest, repeated ten times. Performing interval training increases your regenerative capacity, which helps you endure prolonged or strenuous exertion.

Never be afraid to take aggressive baserunning stances.

You should always be aggressive when covering the bases as if your life depended on it. Never stop sliding, and always be in a rush to gain ground. Nothing is more disheartening than getting out knowing you didn’t give it your best on the field but rather just ran the bases too carelessly. Never be the one to bring down your team.


What is good bat speed for softball?

The good bat speed for softball is around 94 mph. Some of the factors that affect bat speed are the weight of the bat, the height and weight of the player, and their muscle mass.

How can I increase my pitching speed in softball?

To increase your pitching speed, you’ll need to focus on improving your technique and improving your power. When it comes to technique, make sure you are using your entire body to generate velocity.

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