How to Wear a Cup in Baseball

The world of baseball involves thrilling moments and intense competition. In the midst of all the excitement, player safety remains a top priority. Ensuring that essential protective gear, such as cups, is worn properly can help prevent injuries on the field.

A cup is a vital piece of equipment for male baseball players, designed to shield the groin area from high-speed impacts. It’s crucial to wear a cup correctly to guarantee maximum protection and comfort during the game.

Discover the essential steps and expert tips for wearing a cup in baseball in this comprehensive guide. You’ll be well-prepared to step onto the field with confidence, knowing you’re adequately protected and ready for action.

What is a Cup and Why is it Important in Baseball?

Function of a Cup

An athletic cup is a protective gear designed to shield the male genital area from injury during sports activities. 

It is typically made of hard plastic or metal, with a padded or cushioned edge for comfort. The cup is designed to absorb and disperse the impact of a direct hit, reducing the risk of injury.

Protection in Baseball

In baseball, a cup is particularly important due to the high risk of injury from fast-moving balls, sliding into bases, or collisions with other players. Wearing a cup can help prevent severe injuries that could sideline a player or cause long-term damage.

Types of Cups for Baseball

Hardshell Cups

Hardshell cups are made from rigid materials like plastic or metal, providing a high level of protection. These cups are generally more durable and recommended for sports like baseball, where the risk of impact is high.

Softshell Cups

Softshell cups are made from flexible materials like foam or rubber. While they provide some protection, they are not recommended for baseball due to the lower level of impact resistance compared to hardshell cups.

Compression Shorts with Cup Pocket

Compression shorts with a built-in cup pocket are a popular choice for athletes because they offer support and help keep the cup in place during activity. These shorts are typically made from moisture-wicking materials to keep you dry and comfortable during the game.

Choosing the Right Size Cup

A properly fitting cup is essential for both comfort and protection. Cups are available in various sizes, ranging from youth to adult. 

To determine the correct size, measure the circumference of your waist at the level of your hips, and consult the manufacturer’s sizing chart. When trying on a cup, it should feel snug but not too tight, with enough room for the genital area to fit comfortably inside.

How to Wear a Cup in Baseball: Step-by-Step Guide

Preparing Your Cup

Before wearing your cup, wash it with soap and water to ensure it is clean. Dry it thoroughly before use.

Wearing a Cup with Compression Shorts

  1. Put on your compression shorts, ensuring they fit snugly but comfortably.
  2. 2. Slide the cup into the cup pocket, making sure the wider end is facing up and the narrow end is pointing down.
  1. Adjust the position of the cup so that it fully covers your genital area.
  2. Test the fit by moving around and performing some baseball-specific movements to ensure the cup stays in place and feels secure.

Wearing a Cup with a Jockstrap

  1. Put on the jockstrap, ensuring it fits snugly around your waist and the straps are properly positioned under your buttocks.
  2. Place the cup in the jockstrap’s pouch, making sure the wider end is facing up and the narrow end is pointing down.
  3. Adjust the position of the cup so that it fully covers your genital area.
  4. Test the fit by moving around and performing some baseball-specific movements to ensure the cup stays in place and feels secure.

Proper Cup Positioning

The cup should sit firmly against your body, fully covering your genital area for optimal protection. Ensure that the cup is not tilted or twisted, as this can lead to discomfort and reduced effectiveness. 

The top edge of the cup should sit just below the lower abdominal area, while the bottom edge should sit between your legs without pinching or chafing.

Adjusting Your Cup for Comfort and Protection

Throughout the game, it’s essential to periodically check the position of your cup to ensure it remains properly aligned and secure. Make any necessary adjustments, such as repositioning the cup or adjusting the straps of your jockstrap, to maintain both comfort and protection.

Taking Care of Your Cup

After each use, remove your cup and wash it with soap and water to remove sweat and bacteria. Allow it to air dry completely before storing it. Inspect your cup regularly for signs of wear or damage, and replace it as needed to ensure maximum protection.

Cup Safety Tips

  1. Always wear a cup during baseball activities, even during practice sessions.
  2. Choose the right type and size of the cup for maximum protection and comfort.
  3. Replace your cup if it shows signs of wear, damage, or no longer fits correctly.
  4. Consult with a coach or athletic trainer if you’re unsure about proper cup usage.


Can I wear a cup with regular underwear?

While it’s possible to wear a cup with regular underwear, it’s not recommended as the cup may not stay in place as securely as it would with compression shorts or a jockstrap.

How often should I replace my cup?

The frequency of replacement will depend on usage and wear. Regularly inspect your cup for signs of damage or wear, and replace it as needed to ensure proper protection.

Can females wear cups in baseball?

Female athletes do not typically wear cups, as they are designed specifically for male genital protection. Female athletes can opt for pelvic protectors or sliding shorts for additional protection.


Embracing the proper techniques for wearing a cup in baseball is a must for every player. With the right fit and positioning, you can fully focus on performing your best during the game. Remember, your safety and comfort are crucial for enjoying your time on the field.

Equipped with the knowledge from this guide, you’ll be ready to suit up and face your opponents with increased confidence. So, gear up and give it your all, knowing you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect yourself on the field.

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