how to roll a softball bat?- Best Tips Ever

A rolling machine does the process of softball bat rolling. You can get extra benefits by rolling your softball bat though you may face some cons too. Please don’t be confused; we will know more about it.

The softball rolling machine has two rollers. To roll your bat, you have to put the bat in the device horizontally.

You have to wait for a few minutes to complete the process. Once the machine operator confirms the bat rolls perfectly, you can play with it.

There are different ways to roll your bat. The heated bat rolling process can increase the performance of your bat; many people think so.

Yes, the heated bat rolling will indeed boost the performance of your bat. But it can be done naturally. You have to hit more with your bat to do so.

Does rolling a softball bat work?

Softball ball bat rolling will surely increase your batting performance. But to get the benefits, you have to be careful when rolling.

The rolling machine will stretch the fiber of your bat and help your bat break in. It will increase the sweet spot space of your bat.

So it is clear that rolling a softball bat definitely works. It will make your bat more extraordinary than others, increasing the room for sweet spot so you can hit more accurate shots.

How long does it take to roll a softball bat?

Many of us think that softball bat rolling is a complicated process. But it doesn’t take much time to be done because a bat rolling machine does the whole process.

The processing time depends on the softball bat rolling machine. But the process needs a few minutes. It is confirmed that the whole thing can be done within an hour.

How to roll a softball bat?

Before you roll your softball bat, you must be careful of some things. The rolling process intends to get better performance from the bat than anything else.

Softball bat rolling will help you to hit better and more problematic. Try not to use a rolled softball bat in a game. Before doing the process, you must ensure that you’re able to play with it.

Right softball bats

Before using a bat rolling machine, you have to choose the right bat. Every type of bat is not suitable for rolling. You can’t get the benefits of rolling if you’re a metal bat user.

softball bat

If you really want to enjoy the rolling benefits, you must choose composite bats. Graphite and carbon are the main ingredients of a composite bat.

Softball bat rolling can be perfectly done on these types of bats. Aluminum, wooden, or metal bats are not suitable for rolling. So be careful about your bat before rolling it.

Bat rolling machine

To get a perfect result, you must use a bat rolling machine to roll your softball bat. It will take an extended period, and you may not get the benefits properly.

A bat rolling machine will help your bat to stretch its fiber and to break in entirely. The whole process can be done perfectly only by using a rolling machine.

The rolling machine works with three rollers. These rollers help your bat to move at the time of compress processing.

Roll the first part

If you do not own a bat rolling machine, you must roll your bat from outside. And you will find a machine operator to roll your bat.

But if you want to do it yourself, you must follow some essential steps. Before you do it yourself, you have to follow some steps.

  • At first, you have to put your bat on the bat rolling machine horizontally.
  • To start the rolling process, turn on the lever available on the top. This lever will start compressing your bat.
  • Use the side lever to compress the sweet spot of your bat. Also, you can move your bat back by using this lever.
  • At a 90-degree turn, you have to increase the pressure. Be careful of the end cap.

Roll the other section parallelly

After rolling the first part of the bat, you have to roll the other sections as well. To get a perfectly rolled bat, you have to roll it perfectly.

Try to roll the whole front area of the bat to make it perfect. After rolling the entire bat perfectly, you must roll the bat parallelly on the roller.

video credit: Bat Roller

Move the bat to one of four equal parts. When a section rolls perfectly, move on to the next part of the softball bat. Try to finish the rolling process at the starting part of the bat.

You have to roll the bat horizontally on the roller, so there’s a chance of miss rolling. To solve this problem, roll your bat parallel so that the missing areas will be covered up.

Benefits of softball bat rolling.

Bat rolling increases the performance of your bat, indeed. As we know, almost every single thing has two parts, one is positive, and another one is negative.

In terms of softball rolling, it has positive and negative sides too. But you’re going to love the benefits of softball rolling strategy.

Sweet spot

softball bat rooling

The bat rolling machine stretches the fibers of the bat for that the fibers get optimized very well. And these well-optimized fibers increase the sweet spot of the bat.

It means you can make the sweet spot of your bat larger by using a softball bat rolling strategy. So you can enjoy hitting from your bat more than others.


The rolling machine compresses your softball bat with pressure so that the fibers of your bat get more flexible. It helps your bat to hit better.

The flexible fibers extend the trampoline effect. The trampoline effect helps your bat to hit the shots from a distance.

Removes dead spots and time efficient

If you have a used bat with many dead spots, then a softball bat rolling strategy will help you. Dead zones are one of the common reasons for the terrible batting experience.

The bat rolling process removes all the dead spots available on the bat. The rolling machine will compress every part of your bat perfectly so that the dead zones will be recovered.


Is bat rolling illegal?

A can make your bat perfect naturally. But in a day, using a machine to create an ideal bat is not good.
You can’t play with a rolled bat in a professional game. The technical team can detect your bat before the game.

Is It possible to detect softball bat rolling?

It’s not a big deal to detect a rolled bat. By following a few things, anyone can quickly notice.
You can check the bat’s end cap to detect whether it is rolled or not. If the operator rolled the bat perfectly, there would be no markings on the end cap.
But most of the time, there will be markings on the end cap. If it has been removed, that means it is rolled.
Also, many experts can detect a rolled bat by analyzing its sound. If the bat has not been rolled perfectly, there will be an unexpected sound. And this will create a difference between a rolled and regular bat.
You can detect a rolled bat by visualization. If the bat is normal, then there will be minor dents on the bat. But if the bat is rolled, the marks will be longer than normal.

What are the effects of softball bat rolling?

Softball bat rolling increases the performance of the softball bat. There’s a debate on the lifespan after bat rolling.
Many people think that bat rolling machines break badly so that the lifespan will be decreased. Also, another group believes bat rolling increases the lifespan of the bat.
Because it optimizes the inner fibers of the bat perfectly, so it becomes more solid and durable. But it is proven that bat rolling increases performance.
But it is not eligible for every type of bat. To get the best performance after rolling, the bat must be a composite bat made of graphite and carbon.


Softball bat rolling enhances the performance of the bat. A bat rolling machine does the whole process.

This machine compresses the bats with pressure to become more solid. But it is unfair to others because this process can be done naturally.

Using a ball rolling machine, you can roll a bat within an hour. But those people who took a long time to make it perfect they’re robbed.

Professional players never use rolled bats because it destroys personality and sportsmanship. So be careful to use a rolled bat.

You can use this bat on the practice ground. But never try to bring a rolled bat on a big match. If you get caught, you may be ejected from the game.

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