How to hit a homerun in softball- Best Tips

Every single softball player wants to hit a home run. But it is not an easy task at all. Before taking a home run, you must learn many skills.

You must learn the perfect timing to complete a booming home run shot. Also, you must understand many more things such as strength, eye and hand integration, body positions, etc.

Pitches to hit a home run!  

There are different types of pitches to play baseball. The angles of baseball depend on many factors such as movement, speed, breaking point, etc.

Every pitch generates different types of speed, movement, etc. For this reason, some angles are suitable for homerun shots, and some are unsuitable for hitting a homerun shot.

Is it hard to hit a home run?

Everything is hard to do, but practice and dedication for that thing make it easier to do. People think hitting a homerun is extremely hard.

But the thing is, hitting a homerun is not like rocket science. Ideally, it’s not a big deal to hit a home run if you learn the skills.

Remember one thing if you’re a beginner, you must practice a lot after achieving those skills. You have to work with athleticism to get good results.

What are the chances of hitting a home run?

The chances of hitting a homerun entirely depend on the batter and the pitch. Sometimes the angles are incredibly suitable for homerun shots, and sometimes it happens the opposite too.

But sometimes the pitches are suitable, but the batter can’t perform homerun shots because the batter has to understand the pitch first. Only you can get good results when you can understand the pitch.

Strategies to hit a home run in softball

Focus on your hand position

A proper hand position is necessary to hit a home run. The power position will help you to generate more initial power to hit a perfect homerun.

You have to keep your shoulder loose and down your elbows; this is called power position. To hit a perfect homerun, you must understand the proper hand position.

Proper Grip

You have to improve your hand grip if you’re not convinced with your homerun shots. Most professional players press the bat with the help of fingers.

It would be best to focus on your bottom hand for a proper bat grip. You must take your right hand on the bottom if you’re a right-handed batter.

On the other hand, if you’re a left-handed batsman, your left-hand position will be on the bottom. Make sure you have to focus on your bottom hand for a proper grip with the bat.

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Some hitters apply a choke-up grip, but it is not helpful for you. Because a choke-up grip makes the bat shorter, and for this, it generates low power.

You have to understand the grip to get good results. If you have the strength and all the qualities to hit a homer, but you’re weak at grip, then there is no possibility of success.

A proper grip will help your bat connect perfectly with the ball. Without a good grip, your bat will miss the ball constantly.

Try to use a bigger bat.

Extremely weightful and too-light bats are not suitable for a home run shot. You have to choose a bat with a balanced weight.

In this case, a bigger bat can solve your problem. Bigger bats are weightful than the typical bats, and they will help you to hit homerun shots.

Because a bigger bat creates more opportunities than an ordinary bat, you can swing and control it better. So if you aren’t getting results, you can try this idea.

At first, you may get uncomfortable with a heavy bat. But you have to understand the facts and the science behind it. Try to practice with a perfect bat for a long time.

Focus on the ball

You have to focus on the ball first for a perfect ball and the bat connection. You can swing the bat harder to hit a home run, but it doesn’t make sense if it doesn’t connect well.

It means a harder hit is not only the solution for a homerun. Sometimes a medium hit can give you the result you are expecting.

So remember that hitting power isn’t enough for a home run shot. A hit to the right place with perfect timing is enough for a home run shot. And it is only possible when you’re giving your focus to the ball.

Leg position

Leg position is necessary to hit a homerun shot. Only hands aren’t enough to hit a big shot. Because a hard hit is only possible when using your leg properly.

While hitting the ball, make sure your leg position is perfect. When hitting, your legs should be in a bent position and wide.

You can get the results with the help of a perfect leg position because the leg position helps you to swing more and Hit harder.

Proper swing

A perfect swing will help you to hit a home run. You have to keep calm at the time of swinging. Hitting hard on the ball isn’t enough.

A perfect and natural swing will help you to get results. So try to do smooth swinging instead of hard swinging.

You can shoot your swing to understand your mistakes deeply. By using this strategy, you can find out your problem, and you can take proper steps to sort it out.

Make good contact with the ball.

A perfect connection between the bat and ball is vital to hitting a homer. Your contact with the ball will decide where the ball will go.

A ground shot is only possible when you hit the ball at the top part of it. As well as, if you hit the ball on its bottom area, then the ball will fly.

The perfect part of the ball is the wide area of the barrel. Try to focus on the ball, so you can hit that area. Good contact with the ball creates more chances for a homer.

Use your full strength.

Though hitting strength doesn’t make sense if you don’t have perfect timing and other skills. When you’re done with the required skills to hit a homer, you should use your whole body strength to shoot.

To use your full strength, you must transfer the momentum to the front and take your body weight on your back. You can’t use your full strength by only using your hand.

You must use your body to hit a homer with your full strength. If you use your body, your bat speed will increase, which will help you hit a spectacular homer.

Try to be comfortable with the atmosphere.

Suppose you have all the skills to hit a home run shot, but you’re not relaxed with the atmosphere, then you can’t hit a home run.

To hit a homerun shot, you have to keep your mind relaxed. Because without a relaxed mind, you can never focus on the ball.

Don’t be frustrated if you’re trying to hit a home run shot but constantly failing. If you’re frustrated, then it is going to be almost impossible for you to hit a homer.

Do you need muscles to hit a home run?

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As you know, you must generate a good amount of strength to hit a homer. So it’s so simple that muscles will help you.

You should gain muscles, which will help you swing your bat harder. Remember one thing only muscles aren’t going to help you to hit a homer.

You have achieved some necessary skills to get good results. There’s no doubt that muscles will help you a lot, but the other techniques are also fundamental.


How hard do you have to hit to get a homer?

It entirely depends on you. Sometimes the pitcher throws the ball extremely fast. In that case, your timing and smooth swing will help you to hit a homer.

On the other hand, if you try to hit the high-speed ball harder, there’s no possibility of success. Only hard-hitting isn’t enough to hit a homer, as well as you have to achieve the required technicalities.

How to increase bat swinging speed to hit a homer?

Before fast bat swinging, you have to understand the proper grip. If you can grip the bat properly, you can quickly increase your swinging speed.

You have to grip the bat perfectly with your hand and fingers. If you’re able to do it, then your bat will remain stable at the time of swinging.

Only you can benefit from fast bat swinging in terms of hitting a home run when your bat is stable. Practice more with proper grip to hit homers with decent bat speed.


Hitting a home run in softball isn’t an easy task at all. You have to be determined and dedicated to hitting a home run. You have to learn lots of technicalities and practices to hit a homer.

Many of us think that hitting a homerun is all about strength. But the fact is only strength isn’t enough to hit a homer. You have to understand the accuracy and the control.

You can’t hit a home run with a day of practice. You have to practice a lot because it will help you gain confidence. Also, you can better understand the technicalities by practicing more and more.

Hitting a perfect homer is a dream for every baseball player. You have to be perfect to hit an ideal homerun shot.

The hitting ability of a home run ultimately depends on you. If you achieve the skills, understand everything, and practice constantly, you will definitely succeed.

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