How to Hit an Outside Pitch?

Mastering the art of hitting an outside pitch in baseball is crucial for any serious player. This skill is often underestimated, but it is vital for consistent success at the plate. Excelling in this area can drastically elevate a batter’s performance and overall game.

Hitting an outside pitch effectively involves several key techniques, including proper footwork, precise hand-eye coordination, and adequate body positioning. Developing these skills will empower batters to conquer any pitch, ultimately boosting their batting average.

Ready to unlock the secret to crushing those outside pitches? Dive into the main article as we break down essential tips, drills, and tricks that will transform your approach at the plate and leave opposing pitchers scratching their heads.

Understanding the Outside Pitch

An outside pitch is a ball thrown by the pitcher that is located on the outer half of the plate, closer to the batter’s opposite field. This pitch is challenging to hit because it requires precise timing, technique, and body positioning. 

Successfully hitting an outside pitch can lead to more hits, improved batting average, and increased run production.

The Importance of Proper Stance

Stance Basics

A batter’s stance is the foundation for their swing, dictating balance and power. To maintain a stable foundation, ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart with knees slightly bent. Distribute your weight evenly on both feet and maintain a slight bend in the elbows.

Adjustments for Outside Pitches

When preparing for an outside pitch, move slightly away from the plate to increase your reach. Position your back foot closer to the plate’s edge, and keep your front shoulder closed to help you drive the ball to the opposite field.

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Mastering the Swing


To hit an outside pitch, begin your stride slightly later than you would for an inside pitch. This allows you to maintain a level swing and make solid contact with the ball.

Swing Path

A successful swing path for an outside pitch starts from the inside and progresses outwards. This inside-out swing path allows you to make contact with the ball deeper in the strike zone, driving it to the opposite field.


Fully extending your arms is crucial for hitting an outside pitch. Focus on keeping your hands close to your body as you initiate the swing, and then extend your arms through the point of contact for maximum power.

Enhancing Your Bat Control

Improving bat control allows you to make more consistent contact with outside pitches. Strengthening your wrists and forearms through exercises like wrist curls and squeezing a tennis ball will help you maintain a firm grip on the bat, while practicing various swing drills can improve your overall control.

Baseball Player hits a ball

Developing Your Plate Discipline

Recognizing and laying off bad pitches is essential to becoming a successful hitter. Train your eyes to distinguish between balls and strikes, and avoid chasing pitches outside the strike zone.

Drills for Success

Tee Drills

Position a batting tee on the outer half of the plate and practice hitting the ball to the opposite field. Adjust the tee’s height to simulate various pitch locations.

Soft Toss Drills

Have a partner toss balls from the side, focusing on outside pitches. Concentrate on using an inside-out swing path and driving the ball to the opposite field.

Live Batting Practice

During live batting practice, ask the pitcher to throw outside pitches. This will help you become comfortable with the timing and swing adjustments necessary to hit these pitches successfully in a game setting.

Analyzing Pitchers’ Tendencies

Understanding a pitcher’s tendencies can help you anticipate and react to outside pitches more effectively. Study the pitcher’s patterns, such as the count and situation in which they’re likely to throw an outside pitch, and adjust your approach accordingly.

Mental Preparation and Visualization

Mentally preparing for an at-bat can significantly impact your success. Visualize yourself hitting outside pitches during practice and before stepping up to the plate. By doing so, you’ll build confidence and reinforce the proper mechanics needed to hit these pitches.

Adapting to Different Pitch Types

Outside pitches can come in various forms, such as fastballs, curveballs, and sliders. To excel at hitting these different pitch types, develop a comprehensive approach by recognizing the pitch early and adjusting your swing accordingly.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you struggle with hitting outside pitches, identify the root cause by reviewing your mechanics, timing, and approach. Make the necessary adjustments, and consider seeking guidance from a coach or experienced player.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my ability to hit outside pitches?

Focus on refining your stance, swing mechanics, and bat control. Practice drills that emphasize hitting outside pitches, develop your plate discipline, and study pitchers’ tendencies.

What are some effective drills for practicing hitting outside pitches?

Tee drills, soft toss drills, and live batting practice are all effective ways to practice hitting outside pitches. These drills allow you to focus on the specific mechanics and timing needed to make solid contact with the ball.

How do I adjust my swing path for an outside pitch?

Use an inside-out swing path, starting your swing from the inside and progressing outwards. This allows you to make contact with the ball deeper in the strike zone and drive it to the opposite field.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the ability to hit an outside pitch is an indispensable skill that separates average batters from the elite. By focusing on footwork, hand-eye coordination, and body positioning, players can confidently face any pitch that comes their way.

Implementing the techniques outlined in this article will undoubtedly improve your performance and enhance your overall game. So, step up to the plate, practice relentlessly, and watch your batting prowess skyrocket as you dominate those pesky outside pitches.

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