How to Play Catcher in Slow Pitch Softball?

When you’re playing catcher in a slow pitch softball game, you will have to stand within a specific part of the field and catch balls thrown towards you. You must do this to protect the three bases and the home base, as well as the runners on your team. Despite not being a “fun” position, a catcher is a vital player for their team.

Step 1: Select a catcher. Oftentimes, the player who is the smallest on your team will be chosen to play catcher. The reason for this is because it makes catching and throwing the ball easier for them.

Step 2: Position yourself behind home plate, where the rubber meets the dirt. You must stand directly behind home plate with both feet even and face the batter. This means that you are facing third base.

Slow pitch softball catchers are often positioned behind the catcher’s mound. The purpose of the catcher is to catch the ball before it touches the ground. Slow pitch catchers do not need to be proficient hitters, but they do need to be aware of the game play and know when to step in front of the pitcher to block the ball if the batter hits it. The position also requires a good deal of agility. Slow pitch catchers need to be able to move quickly to reach foul balls and make tags. The catcher’s job can become very physically demanding. Catchers tend to experience more shoulder and elbow injuries than other positions, particularly when blocking pitches that are thrown hard.

How to play catcher in slow pitch softball

There are two types of softball: slow pitch and fast pitch. Slow pitch softball is played with a rubber ball that’s pitched by a pitcher, then caught and thrown back to the pitcher, resulting in a high level of skill and finesse. That’s why it’s often said that catching in slow pitch softball can be a great deal easier than it is in fast pitch.

Pro Tip:

The easiest way to catch a slow pitch softball is to squat down with your back leg bent and your body well forward, left hand out to catch the ball, and your right arm protected behind your body.

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